Spigot Quality Armory 1.1.164b

A quality gun plugin similar to CrackShot.

  1. We can't edit [QualityArmour] prefix on messages.
  2. That is intentional. It is not configurable so no one can try to pass the plugin off as their own/ hide the fact that it is my plugin.
  3. I used the latest version of QA and I delete the QA folder but it still prints the stacktrace, but the bug does not happen again
  4. The gun you are using has an invalid number in the lore for the amount of shots in the gun. Can you verify what the lore for the gun looks like (if it actually displays how many bullets are in the gun)?
  5. I fix it myself by reloading the server :>
  6. Hi, I've installed the plugin but how do I create a fast-firing weapon like an smg? Also, is it possible to make custom sounds for weapons? Thanks!
    1. You can create automatic weapons by setting "isAutomatic" to true in the gun's yml file and increasing "firerate" to the desired speed.
    2. Yes. All you need to do is set the "weaponsound" to be equal to the name of the sound you want it to use.
  7. This issue appears to be causing my server to crash, any way I can fix it?
  8. zombie_striker updated Quality Armory with a new update entry:

    fixed multiversionlookup

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  9. I found 2 or 3 bugs in this plugin. I'm busy now so I would tell you exactly what it is with a video tommorow!
  10. k
  11. zombie_striker updated Quality Armory with a new update entry:

    Added ability to disable hotbar messages

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  12. ok well im on 1.12.2 and have yet to see the textures. sounds and everything else seems to work fine but no matter what I do I do not see the gun textures, just axes.
    Noticed your pack meta declares 4, thats 1.13.
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  13. My bad, all of your alien weapons have no models. Funny, its the only ones Im using. The others I tried have shown up fine.
  14. Which alien weapons? Do you mean the Alien needler, the Alien's "M41PulseRifle", or another weapon?

    Do all of the models appear if you use /qa craft or /qa shop?

    Also, the reason it is set to 4 is because it shows that 1.13 support is currently the priority (though it should still work fine on 1.12 and lower) and because its easier to have one file for all updates instead of having to manage 4 separate resoucepacks for each of the updates.
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  15. m41pulse, awp, blaster, lazerrifle, needler, etc
    all missing models and therefor show only axes
  16. Odd that it is only those specific ones, considering there isn't any noticeable pattern for those models.

    Do they still work in regards to mechanics? Are you able to shoot and reload them?

    [Edit] Do you use ViaVersion or ViaBackwards? If so, these weapons (along with most of the others) are only 1.9+ since 1.8 does not support multiple models per item.
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  17. Yep. work fine, just no pic. Kinda sux because I was going with an alien theme lol Help?
  18. Can you verify that the resourcepack URL in the config (Under "DefaultResourcepack") is equal to:
    (simply check if it ends with v1.0.23) and can you post the gun's yml file for any of the lazer weapons?

    Also, have you made any modifications to any of the files? If so, can you post what you changed?