Bukkit Quality Armory 1.1.135

A quality gun plugin similar to CrackShot.

  1. Yeah I found a stable 1.12 version it was the last in may! Thanks, man!
  2. no problem man
  3. also how would i set up the ironsight things?
  4. shift is all dude

    i am typing this little part cause my message is too short
  5. shift
  6. yeah i know i open up the ironsights with shift, but the weapon tutorial said this: "In case you wanted to add iron sights, you would need to add specific offsets to the gun. Since QA uses the player's off-hand to use scopes, you will need to set the display values for the offhand 1st person so they appear in the right hand, and the 3rd person values so the iron sights are where they should be.", also the command /QA getOpenGunSlot doesnt work
    1. I'm not sure which boolean you are referring to, as attachments should only be visible in the /attachment/ folder. Basically, attachments function the same way as regular guns, but they just inherit all of the options from their 'parent' gun.
    2. Just add the names of the materials that should be destroyed to the "DestructableMaterials" list. You can find all the material names for 1.13 here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Material.html
    3. Are there any errors in the console, either after deleting the config or after the issue happens again?

    As posted above, updates from 1.8 to 1.13.1 are all supported in the current version.
  7. Skyowallet should be compatible with Vault, so it should work (as long as vault is installed)

    Yeah, I will be updating that tutorial soon.

    What are you having difficulties with? Do you already have a model?
  8. I have a model, and I made it work using the tutorial, though I dont know how to add any more guns because i cant really figure out the ID, also there were no visible errors in the console as far as I know.
  9. You mean adding the gun relative to QA understaing that it is a gun (i.e the functionality of the gun)? If so, the ID that should be provided in the gun's YML file is the ID that you used for the config (e.g. 0.0167) multiplied by 1561 (the amount of valid IDs for diamond axes. So, for this example, the ID would be 25, since multiplying the values would give "25.1321")
  10. Hi, when will return the unlimited ammo system without being in Gamemode 1 ?
  11. You can specify whether a gun has unlimited ammo in the gun's yml file.
  12. I think there is an easy gun duping glitch. Sometimes when you are shooting a gun appears in your offhand, if you stop when there is a gun in your offhand you can take it out and you will have 2 guns

    It happened to me with automatic rifles and pistols, but i am afraid it is possible to do this with all the guns.
    You so this by spam clicking shift and left mouse button, when you see 2 gunes immediately press e and you can take it out of your offhand

    If you left click without doing anything else with an ak47 another one will magically appear in you r offhand and if you immediately stop firing you can take him out and you just duped your ak47

    Can this be fixed? Because this plugin is completely unusable for me atm.

    I am not using any other plugins that can influence this.
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  13. What's the systaxe?
  14. Just left clicking with a magnum and a rpg also dupes if,

    I think it dupes every gun this way
  15. but I still dont really understand how to get the ID, because the newly created custom_gunname.yml doesnt really contain any id's, and the texture pack doesnt have them too for the new weapon, and reversing dividing from a number which has no fraction makes the answer inaccurate, and can make things not work. The gun's ID is 111, and the damage value is 0.0762, that should make the model appear, right? But for some reason it doesnt appear
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  16. zombie_striker updated Quality Armory with a new update entry:

    Fixed gun duping. Stopped arms from swinging while holding guns. Made recoil smoother for 1.13

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. Okay, I think I figured out the problem. If you spammed the shift key, there is a chance you can send the crouch and uncrouch either within the same tick or the next tick. Doing this would break spigot into treating it as though the player both shifted and unshifted, treating the gun so the gun goes to the offhand as well as the main hand.

    This should be fixed in v1.1.121.

    There is an entry labeled "unlimitedAmmo" which determines if the gun needs to do ammo checks. (remember to set allowUserModifications to true to allow you to edit the file)

    Not quite. 1/1561 is the fraction the damage value id has to increase every time the axe is damaged, and multiplying it by 111 returns 0.0711, The value you posted would actually be for ID 118.

    Either way, ID 111 is already in the diamond_axe.json file registered for "b2plane". Since you're most likely not using my other plugin, QualityArmoryVehicles, you should be able to just override that entry with your custom model. Just replace b2plane with the name of your model, and register the gun with a YML file that has the ID set to 111.

    If you still have trouble adding the model, can you post the resourcepack and the yml for the gun?
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