Quality Minecraft Server Hosting Companies ($3 And Under)

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    do you only add gameservers or also vps? you can get way better deals if you buy vps, for example netcup offers a 8gb + 2 cores of the new Xeon Gold 6140 for 9 euro. (or 16gb 4 cores for 15 euro)
    (the german sites lists them even cheaper then that, I guess because of tax reasons, the 8gb costs 7 euro, the 16gb one costs 13 euro, so you get 1gb ram for under a euro https://www.netcup.de/vserver/)
  2. Yes, we only have game servers. Mainly due to the fact
    that usually shared hosting is cheaper and much easier
    to setup, and also usually has better cpu's then the cheaper
  3. Netcup is a nice and very long established company, but I would also not recommend their VPSes for single game server hosting, but for a little network their VPSes are totally fine, just the website is eh.
  4. I was chatting with the owner of sparked host, and he was quite a bit rude when I was comparing deluxenode and sparked host he says "he really doesn't care" and then "if they oversell a bit" its not their[sparkedhost]'s problem...

    EDIT: I really don't care that much and they have (or at least claim to have, didn't try them yet) a great ticket system with around a 5-30min response, and I was thinking of choosing them actually, but don't take this as in their hosting is like- bad or anything.
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  5. sparked.host or sparkedhost.us?
  6. So it's our problem if we don't want to compare 2 hosts, and it's our problem if they decide to price their servers a little less than ours? That's not very rude ak.
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  7. I’d personally go with https://titannodes.com I have been with them for 5 months now and it’s going really great for my network server currently. Their support is amazing and they offer pretty excellent compensations if the issue was on their end! IMO their support and hardware is amazing. I believe they still use those i7-6700K hardware which is pretty good. They are priced about $1.90/GB but I think they give some nice discounts depending on plans
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  8. It's usually cheaper. Unless someone buys 10GB or more. In that case, a VPS is usually better.
  9. ************************************* Added TheBeastHosting *************************************
    https://thebeasthosting.com/ = $2.00/gb - Awesome performance, Good staff | Intel Xeon E5-2600, ssd's
  10. ************************************* Added TitanNodes *************************************
    https://titannodes.com/ = $1.90/gb = Good support, Amazing performance | Intel core i7-6700K, ssd's
  11. I would recommend PebbleHost they are really cheap and reliable. They have great uptime and excellent support on Discord and Ticket system

    The best is their prices 1 dollar for a 1 GB server and they even have promo codes that you can use they just had a 1-year anniversary and they made a 25 % promo code

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  12. DeluxeNode is pretty great, its service and customer support is outstanding~
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  13. Yeah, i agree with you. Thats why their on
    my personal recommendations list.
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  14. You mean like this is an ad? it's not. Just think they got good deals.
  15. Hey,

    Im defiantly not adding that to the list, all you have to do is look up their name
    and you can see all the bad reviews about fraud, lag, immature staff team members.
    This is probaly the worst hosting company you can actually go with at the moment.
    This list is used to show people the good/decent/quality hosting companies under $3/gb.
  16. Hey um i really love the host etheral solutions (etheral.host is the website) their support is really friendly and helpful, along with their cheap prices. I broke a server once and Ingmar fixed it without scolding me xD they guided me through my journey in learning pterodactyl (first time using it) and using sftp
  17. I have not used etheral.host before, but i see alot of people
    seem to vouch for them. I will look into them and see if their
    worth putting on my list.

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