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  1. Hi, so I figured it out!

    When I was testing it out there seems to be a bug. When the player is firing at a block constantly, the arrows seem to dupe themselves? So every click it will send 1 arrow and the next click it was send 2 arrows and keeps building up until the server lags. There are no console errors present.


    It works fine if it's not at a block. The arrows seem to double each time.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. If you set'modules', such as'GEMS'to'false'.
    Then, it will be impossible to sell the goods, resulting in an error.
  4. Will be fixed!
  5. Maybe you should put the mob's damage & defense on the top of the to-do list.
    This is a serious problem that could make all player's QRPG defense became useless because mob can not do QRPG's damage to the player.
    Thanks for helping.

    By the way, I think when I fortify item with a specific module like GEMS, It should tell me like "your item have been fortified with GEMS protect.", not just an "Item fortified!", the player can not notice what kind of protection on the item.
  6. mob can do

  7. why not update for 1.12???
  8. Hey,
    I can't delete price of enchantements, they come back every time

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  9. It's correct
  10. Hello,
    I have problem with skript and quantumrpg. I have custom menu, and if player have item in fast bar, and from this bar deposit item to any menu, gui etc. Item go duplicate. I try removing plugins, and this is do your plugin. Can you please fix this ? Thank you
  11. Are you on the latest plugin version?

    Make video
  12. Send you PM with video
  13. Can you add more compatibility with PwingRace ?
    PwingRace Attack speed and damage is not cumulable with your stats
  14. We can't modify this lore of gems/runes/essences ?

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  15. I'll see what I can do

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  16. Just to get more space and put the enchantments ^^