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    DivineItemsRPG | 1.9 - 1.11 - 15+ New Stats | 20+ New Enchants | Gems | Tiers | Runes | Soulbound | Random Drops | More

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  2. I don't understand the issue myself but I am trying to purchase the plugin but it will not take me to confirm the purchase. I'm clicking buy and all i'm getting is this and there isn't any option to continue, am I missing something?
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  3. Hey,

    The first image that shows in the images spoiler kind of put me off, in the items description it states "73th" when it should be "73rd" can that be changed or was it a items setup user typo? Just want to know if that value was set in stone.

  4. cant buy it, also this looks awfully familiar to mythic drops.
  5. Could you add damage,element hologarms system and hook into placeholderapi?
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  6. Same cant buy it - looks more polished than mythic drops.
  7. Yeah i can't buy this same you . XD
  8. yeah it might be more polished but mythic drops still offers something that im not sure this plugin offers, and thats custom item names giving you millions of possibilities to get custom items etc, also it allows you to customize each tiers drop chances and not a glogal drop chance like this one, tho i do want to suggest this features to be added to this plugin before i buy it myself. and the possibilitie to add your own custom lore with random numbers like mythic drops does.
  9. Read my discussion please!
    I can't buy your plugin :'(
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  10. Soory guys, it was my fault, I forgot to add paypal account in this resource. Try to buy it now!

    Yes, it can be changed in the config. It was my mistake, my English is not good, sorry for this. Everything else that displayed in items, or any messages for players also can be changed.

    Damage already there is. What you mean with holograms? Could you write more details about hook with Placeholder (like How it should be used in this)?
  11. damage,element hologarms
    like this picture:
  12. Ok, I'll try to it!
  13. whenever i give a random item its always a stone sword - do i have to make
    every single item from scratch? :/
  14. Looks promising. Probably a shitload to configure though.
    Gonna buy this in the future, if it evolves nicely :)
  15. So does it work for 1.8
  16. Make sure that you type a valid item tier.
  17. No, it wont work on 1.8!
  18. Items sometimes have sockets enchants and runes - that just say there are no sockets on this item etc,
    would it be possible to remove that so it only shows when you have a socket available?
    Just seems like useless information.
  19. Ok, will be done!