Query - Incorrect magic and high CPU usage

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  1. Hi

    Since some days I have this error in my bungeecord console.
    21:25:27 [WARNING] Query - Incorrect magic!: /
    It appears a lot of times per second and it stays for some minutes.

    I also have 100% CPU usage since some days caused by multiple Java(TM) Platform SE binary processes.
    I host also my spigot servers on the same machine (Windows 10 :oops:)
    I think it is caused by the same issue but I don't know wich.

    I hope someone can help me because my computer is freaking and my server is lagging
    Maybe @md_5 can you help me?
  2. Did you find a solution to this?
  3. No, I turned off my query port and this helped it but I'm still searching a better solution
  4. Phoenix616

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    For anyone finding this thread in the future by means of a web search result or similar:

    This can be caused by the Windows 10 Edition client connecting to the query port and (obviously) not providing the info that the server query needs. Due to both the Win10 edition and the server query using UDP (and not TCP like the Java edition) it will hit the server query if the listener port and the query port are the same. (as indicated in the default Bungee config)

    So this can happen when players try to connect to a Java server with the Win10 edition when both the listener and query port are the same. Either disable the server query completely (if you don't use it) or change it to a port that is not your default listener port.
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