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  1. I need the query function for minecraft server lists and I have heard that spigot has modified it in some way that I need a custom server script(Whatever that mean :\) to use it.The problem is that I have no idea how to even use a script or whatever it is at all! So now I'm asking for your help to explain to me in a noob-friendly way how to use one of the minecraft query scripts that I found.
    Here are the scripts:
    Please help Asap as I can't really advertise my server without the query function or make a server status banner =(
  2. Then I am no help. xD
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  3. That's too bad =(
  4. Anyone else wanna help?
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    Please be patient. Everyone on the forums is not going to rush to answer your question. It may take a few hours to days to get the response that you want. That is part of joining a voluntary minecraft community.
  6. Yea, you're right. I'm sorry =(
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    Ok, first off you need a host, one with php-gd and one you can use cron on.

    Download http://legitplay.net/tomc/mcquery.zip this version /should/ work fine with out a plugin.

    unzip the files and open index2.php with a normal text editor like notepad++ or gedit.
    on line 3&4 are
    $Server = '';
    $port = '25565';

    Change this to your server. now on line 20 is

    $SourceFile = '/var/www/tomc/trty5097owyfhgskl.png';

    This is your blank image of your logo, it needs to be a path to the file NOT A WEBSITE LINK!

    upload all the files and set a cron to index2.php for every 10-15m now 777 the files and if all went well it should work fine.
  8. I would like to thank everyone that helped me out =) I have solved the query problem my contacting my host=)
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