Solved query_enabled automatically on true. Server being DDoS'ed

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  1. Hello there, I own a network where i get ```21:19:54 [WARNING] Query - Incorrect magic!: (ip)```
    and it's obvious that someone is causing this issue for my bungee to crash.
    Everytime i true to put query_enabled on false, I restart, And it turns back to true. Any reason why?
  2. Usually default value for query is false, I suggest redownloading newest bungeecord and check your bungee plugins.
  3. I did, And the moment i restart it turns into true. Even on a freshly made server on my pterodactyl panel.
  4. Disable Query for said server on your Pterodactyl Panel. (I think it is under Configuration)
    Pterodactyl edits your config on startup.
  5. No such thing thats there
  6. Anyone can help?
  7. I may be able to further investigate/assist you on Discord, I broke my mic the other day (Water and electronics isn't a good combination), so only text chat tho.
  8. added you
  9. Thanks to Stjernholm for showing me how to fix this. It was the pterodactyl bungeecord egg that's turning it to true by default.
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  10. How to disable it from the egg? Can someone help? The discord no longer exist =X