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  1. Hello, I am looking for a plugin to create a menu of missions type these anyone knows any?

  2. djw


    You can program them with skript.
  3. Those are not the ones you're looking for. That plugin comes from mc-market which automatically comes with a configuration.
  4. That's the plugin configuration, I'm looking for the plugin itself
  5. I think it is a free plugin as it says in dependencies "it comes with the configuration"
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  6. It's only the configuration file. I think this might be the plugin:
    Or try looking for a plugin named "quests"
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  7. If you look at the reviews it seems like it's just the config itself
  8. It is only a config of a complement, many people in mcmarket use it, that is not the only u.u
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  9. Ok. Turns out you're right. I asked someone who recently purchased this from TigerSetups and they said the plugin was created by LMBishop which is▶-quests-◀-set-up-goals-for-players.23696/