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  1. hi, I dont own a large server but just curious
    what would it take to host 500-600 people on a single instance spigot server w/ waterfall installed?
    running on maybe two machines? one e5-1650v3 for waterfall and an e3-1271v3 for the actual instance
    and maybe the server is 1.7 instead of 1.9
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  2. An E5 1650v3 will actually cut the mustard for up to ~500 people. However you will want multiple instances attached to the setup as otherwise you will hit the fans at the CPU before you runs out of RAM. That is because Minecraft's main processes will only operate on a single thread at a time. With an E5 1650v3 you can run ~10 servers before you come anywhere near maxing out that bad boy.
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  3. what if e5 just running bungee/waterfall and the e3 has the actual 500-600 ppl on it
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  4. There no reasons to have two servers at all. The E5 will do the job just fine, be sure to go somewhere that include private networking. That will make your job a lot easier and save your public bandwidth usages when you DO need to add in additional servers.
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  5. You're thinking about this entirely wrong.

    First of all, why would you want to run a proxy instance in front of the backend server if you only have one server. The whole point of a proxy is so you can run multiple servers.

    On the backend server, assuming all of your plugins are really good with performance, you should be able to hit ~500 on the E3 before running into performance issues. If you ran that off of an i7 you'd see even better results.
  6. You would want to run the backend Minecraft server on an i7-4790k.
    The server would need to be optimised extremely well also to reach this playercount on a single instance.
  7. Been using the 1650-v3 since it worked it's way into the server hosting world. Best. Processor. Ever.
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  8. Indeed 6 cores/12 threads clocking in at 3.5Ghz and support up to 128GB DDR4 RAM. What is there not to like? :)