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  1. Hey guys.
    I am gonna change my host from shockbyte to OVH soo it will be hosted on a vps just some few questions to ask you am new to vps.
    1st.Will I be able to host multiple servers I am gonna buy the 8gb server soo all servers will have 1gb and I will use bungeecord also.
    2.will it be 24/7
    3.Whats better CentOS or Linux? for the operating system
  2. Yes you will be able to host multiple servers.
    Yes it will be 24/7.
    CentOS is a form of linux.
  3. But dude I watched some vid's on youtube and they said I have to install something called 'Screen'
    Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. btw.
    On the videos they said screen will make the server 24/7 when I close putty but I was thinking if I have screen on bungeecord for example my other server's will turn off soo what do I do?
  5. ._. ... CentOS is a distro of Linux. There are multiple distros of Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, etc.
  6. I know I only wanted Linux and CentOS
  7. Why
    Why not VPS Classic?
  8. Btw if I use windows server will I be able to make the servers 24/7 ulmited and the other crap?
  9. Nope it doesn't I asked the support now
  10. Also does it include a dedicated ip cause I have a .net domain for my mc server but if It includes a port I wont be able to use it :(
  11. Please don't triple, quadruple, whatever post, use the edit button for that.

    Anyway, from what I have heard the CPUs are crap on classic VPSes. Minecraft servers are quite CPU intensive and require a good CPU.
  12. CentOS is Linux.

    They're a bit weaker.

    99.99% of the community will not recommend Windows servers. All servers (except GG Servers ;)) are 24/7.

    Yes, it does.
  13. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. CentOS is a distro (or version) of Linux. Use either CentOS or Ubuntu :)

    Also, go with OVH classic, it's better for a minecraft server. Most hosts will shut off your box if your box is under a lot of load and is affecting the node anyways.