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  1. Hello, does Bungee need its own dedicated server? Or can I add the plugin to a hub server? Also, If I am able to combine the 2 to a a server how much ram would they need?
  2. Bungeecord is not a plugin. Bungeecord needs to run on a separate server. If you are really worried about that, you probably shouldn't be running a bungeecord server.
  3. Im not worried? How much ram should Bungee be. I ran bungee on my old server 2 years ago so i forgot.
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    It depends on how many players you have. A 512MB BungeeCord server can hold 500 players. (Maybe a little less than 500 if you use plugins on the BungeeCord server.)
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  5. Yeah I am just saying that if anyone or you are worried about paying for another server for bungee, than you probably aren't prepared to run a bungeecord network. You may very well be capable. Also, 512MB should be sufficient. I used to run with 256MB, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
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  6. Bungee Cord is 1 server, Factions is 1 server, and Survival PVE is 1 server. BungeeCord is the hub, which the player joins. They can then go to each of these servers from the hub server. The BungeeCord server shouldn't require much, maybe 1-3 plugins tops. 512MB should be fine.
  7. Do not assign unneeded extra ram to bungee! (not 2gb if u don't need) It causes the java gc pauses to take too long and everyone times out.
  8. Bungee is not the hub.
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  9. [​IMG]

    BungeeCord is a PROXY, it does not ever hold any players itself, it forwards & manages connections between players and individual spigot servers. They will need a BungeeCord proxy server, a spigot hub server, a spigot factions server, and a spigot survival PVE server. 4 servers, not 3.
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    Who gives a shit
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  11. I give a shit, because you explained it completely wrong. If you have just a bungeecord server, nobody could connect to it, you wouldn't load up into a hub world, it would say "can't connect to default or fallback server," because there is no server for BungeeCord to forward your connection to.

    You essentially called a ROAD a TRUCK. o_O
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  12. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

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  13. Don't flatter yourself :p, I just hate seeing people looking for help being fed wrong information.
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  14. Yes, Bungee needs its own server. Users will connect to the bungee server IP then are sent to whatever server you configured to be sent to so for example: <- bungee (Users connect too this (This is just a bungee server no maps or anything)) <- Users get sent to this server (HUB for e.g.) <- Skyblock server /server skyblock allows to join this server for example. If this server went down they would join to the fallback server which will be hub if is online, if not they will be disconnected.

    That might be a little confusing but you will get used of it if you conquer it first time.
    Require any more assistance let me know!
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    Too much arguing. BungeeCord is a proxy server that people connect to and it sends them to the hub server. A 512MB BungeeCord server can have 500 players connected. A 256MB BungeeCord server can have 250 players. The BungeeCord server does not physically hold any players. That is what the spigot servers are for. BungeeCord just links the spigot servers together.
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