Question about BungeeCord Perms

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Should the Perms part use UUID instead of Username?

  1. Yes, makes it easier than changing the config.yml every time I change my username

  2. No, I prefer to update the config.yml / A plugin can do this.

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  3. Dont care at all.

  1. Legoman99573


    I know this mah sound like another perm help thread, but shouldn't the UUID be the placeholder of the username, or should it still be default. Here is how it should be setup

    Code (Text):
             - Owner
        Last-Username: MyLastUsernameUsed
    It should be allowed to update username if they change it, which makes it easier and safer than using what is currently set-up now.
  2. I think that if there is a username, then next time that user joins, their uuid is replaced in the config, kind of like PermissionsEX does,
  3. Legoman99573


    Use the uuid to replace username, anx place username in last-username. You could construct it the old way, and can convert it to new format ;). Nice suggestion added. Could be if a use for offline mode.
  4. You can use UUID's. Not the username.
  5. Legoman99573


    find it easier to use.
  6. Just use a permission plugin for it. A bridge plugin for permissions is made so yeah...
  7. Vagdedes


    Yeah I think it will be an amazing idea. UUID can also give you a better protection. If you have your firewall open, and someone joins your server from a 2nd custom bungeecord with an admin's name, he can easily get a lot of permissions.