Question about creating mini-game server

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  1. Hello everyone, in the process of creating a mini-game server I had a few questions:
    1. Do I have to use BungeeCord when creating a server?
    2. Is it obligatory to have mini-games in different worlds / maps?
    3. How to connect all mini-games with a currency plugin? In other words, how to make sets for SkyWars and BedWars be bought for this currency, and how to attach the purchase of these sets to the currency?
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. Strahan


    1 and 2 are too broad to have definitive yes/no answers. Depends on the mini game(s).

    Typically I prefer using BungeeCord and having them in their own worlds to make plugin separation and load balancing easy unless the mini game is very small and low impact.

    As to 3, no idea, never tried.
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  3. for the 3, maybe you can try to use another plugin that supports MySQL so your economy is shared across servers and then execute the commands when you want for the player you want to give money.
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  4. Bungeecord typically is the option for what you want to do. Each have pros and cons depending on what you want.
    Pro: Bungee allows you to run that specific gamemode and those specific plugins on your server without any other unnecessary plugins that aren't needed for that gamemode (as you would have for per worlds)
    Con: It can cost more since you need more servers to run, more uptime, more cost per server etc... and the list goes on and on.

    It just depends on what minigames you are having. You can get away with having all the same maps within the same world (if the plugin is setup for per arenas instead of per worlds)

    Such plugins such as TokenManager or Coins are mysql compatible so you can link up between all your servers for bungee.
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