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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Dragazarth, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. I want to create a custom server, based off tekkit lite, with just a few disabled/removed mods (like EE) and also add some mods that I have found but run it through spigot.

    But I'm unsure how to do this. Do I use this?
    and how do I create my own install my own mods on top of the tekkit lite config, and update mods that are out of date and necessary for the separate mods to be installed ontop of.

    Finally once I have done this (if I can) how do I package it up into a neat zip?
    I have tried installing the server through the tekkit lite server package and then replacing the tekkitlite.jar with the spigot.jar (485)(fixing up the launch.bat) but I do not believe that it has forge or recognised the other mods.
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    MCPC-Plus is what is used to load forge + Bukkit, as for the rest you need to figure it out. If you can't, evaluate if you should be doing this.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up