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  1. I have decided to give server ownership another chance, and I want to use a vps. This will host the website, and a couple servers, but not bungee. I want to buy a domain that will bring you to the website and the server, but the bungee cord proxy will have a different ip because it is hosted somewhere else. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. You would have to use SRV records.
  3. Could you elaborate? (Sorry, first time doing this) :3
  4. Here is my settings in cloud flare if it can help :) Just replace with your server ip, well in your case the bungeecord.
  5. That won't work if they have their server & website on separate IP addresses :p
  6. Well it would just the website would have to be on
  7. I wouldn't recommend that, personally I don't enter www when visiting a website and I imagine quite a lot of people don't. An SRV record would be more suited to OP's needs.
  8. Yeah, true. I am just use to run one dedicated, one machine is the simple life :p
  9. Thank for the help. I guess I will just run the proxy on my machine to save me the hassle.
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  10. me and you would really suck at living in the 2000/90's since you would also for get to type https://, xD