Question about obfuscation.

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    I was wondering how i can protect my classes. For example:

    When i go to an java decompiler, i see many classes, when i click one, the program says: "// INTERNAL ERROR //"

    How can i do this?

    Thanks for your time!
    - Jose
  2. You can't make it an internal error. However, you can make the code so hard to read that it's basically impossible to change / understand your code. You can try this
  3. You need an obfuscator, like ProGuard or DexGuard. The first one is free but the last one is a paid one.

    Obfuscator Examples:
    - ProGuard
    - DexGuard
    - Stringer

    These are only examples.
  4. Yeah but it had tons of errors with running. I do wonder what he's been doing with it lately, though. He seems to have just dropped the thread
  5. samczsun


    The thread's inactive because it was just a side project and no one really tried it.

    Also now it would be a conflict of interest considering I've been working on deobfuscators
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  6. Whoop whoop
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  7. yup..

    To op.. no point in obfuscating. If anyone cares enough they can deobfuscate it.

    If its readable by a computer, a human can make the computer read it to them.
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  8. That's a meek statement. You aren't creating an unbreakable wall, but just a simple brick wall that is just maybe five feet tall. Sure, somebody can climb over that wall, but the people that have no clue what they are doing will just give up.

    I prevented Staff+ from being leaked for about six months by using the simplest license key system. It was so unbelievably easy to crack, all you had to do was just leak an unlocked plugin folder and then it could be copied to any server. Yet, it was never leaked because people instantly thought that this license key system was unbreakable. I didn't even obfuscate.
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  9. You can't de-obfuscate variable names, and when everything is named a,b,c,d,e,f,g it makes it fairly hard to read.
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  10. Thanks for all sugestions i will try!

    When i say "obfuscation", i realy want to obfuscate strings!
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  11. @JoseGamer_PT note that when you try to upload a plugin, and the staff can't open the JAR or if it's too difficult to make something of it, it won't be accepted.
  12. Well, i am making an protection for my premium resource...
  13. BUT, this appears: It's a decompiler bug?
  14. @JoseGamer_PT JD-GUI is bad. I use it when I want to quickly look at something, but it's far from flawless. Luyten is quite good, and it comes with a GUI. Fernflower is a console application which I like the most.
  15. Wow! Luyten and Fernflower can decompile my plugin ;c
  16. @JoseGamer_PT
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