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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by AccioAce, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Hello, I was wondering in spigot is there a possible way or a way to report someone that you possibly think that a scammer? I'm just wondering.
  2. There is, just hit the report button on their profile. You will need proof though.
    But I wonder who would scam here. You will find more scammers on Mc-market
  3. There's loads here, I promise

    The rules here are alot more relaxed than mc-market scamming wise, I believe if you get multiple reports on you, you're banned from the s&r section, sometimes the entire website.
  4. I know :)

    I also know about MC-Market.
  5. electronicboy

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    If you have proof and you recruited them from inside of the S&R section, refer to the S&R section guidelines; outside of that section, you're mostly on your own; that section exists for a reason
  6. You can try reporting them (such as the scamming dickhead @Vaxeen), but you're better off simply filling a dispute with PayPal. I hope you pay everyone through services & goods. That way, you should get your money back. I got my 25 bucks back from a scam as well after raising a claim at PayPal. Suck it @Vaxeen.
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  7. I honestly reported someone through Paypal and Paypal denied to give me my $20 back. I'm pretty upset.
  8. Context? You probably did something wrong then. Went perfectly smoothly for me. Did you provide enough info to paypal?
  9. The most likely case that'll happen in is if the Buyer isn't a verified PayPal account and the Seller is.. or the funding source is through a bank instead of paypal directly.
  10. Do I report someone by clicking the report button under their profile?
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  11. I had just reported him on it and added Evidence Pictures. Usually how long will I get response back or what will happen?
  12. This is why I always say to people: no, I do not have skype, imsg, discord, email, etc.. we can converse through the PM feature on here..

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