Solved Question about Spigot antipiracy placeholders

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  1. Hello!

    So I have some doubts about the placeholders since there is not much documentation about this, and I understand why. Well the first one is if Spigot would change the placeholders if the plugin is delieverd in a zip file and just a .jar file. And the second thing is that whether %__NONCE__% is a ID given to each download but not to each purchase or not. Thanks!
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  2. As far as I know the nonce is per download, but be sure to correct me if I'm wrong. A nonce is suppose to be a completely random ID every some it is used, as far as I know. Regarding zips is actually a good question I wouldn't have a clue; interested to see the answer.
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  3. Thanks @MrDienns let's see what the community knows about the zips!
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  4. No need to bump it every 5 minutes. Have patience.
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  6. Sorry then xD

  8. "%%__NONCE__%%"
    • This is a unique ID for each and every single resource download. It is highly unlikely 2 downloads are going to have the same %%__NONCE__%%.
    How does that not answer your question? :D

    Edit: As for Zip files, I doubt that it would work.
  9. Well, Dienns already told me, so the only question I have now is the zips, and yes I do think as well that it will not work, but I'd like to confirm it.
  10. Okay, I will leave this post open a couple of days, hopefully someone knows the answer, this is not something urgent anymore.

    Thanks to all who responded!
  11. Your thought is correct.
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  12. Solved thanks!