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  1. Is freelance spigot plugin development worth it? Is the money made worth the time?
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  2. Hi, look at the premium plugins and calculate you will see you can make very large sums. After that you need very good quality plugins that serve my opinion. Its would help me if you could rate my message Thank you!
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  3. It is if you're a starter, if you're highly advanced in programming and plugin development you could always apply to a server team and earn more money from your work. You do need to put time in your premium plugins though, test them hard, add new features, make it fully customizable, etc. Premium buyers want top quality content, which is why they are paying.
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  4. Strahan


    If you enjoy programming, it wouldn't hurt to do one just for the potential. If you mean can you live off it? Well, if you get popular and put out a large range of products, I could see perhaps being able to but I personally would never want to try to budget my life off something so unpredictable. I'd do premium plugins just for the enjoyment of creating something, then any profits are just perks.

    Alas, I need to vastly improve my skillset before I do that lol
  5. Someone else asked that question recently. Here is what I told him.

    "Worth it" depends on what you want to accomplish:
    • If you want to make a bunch of money writing plugins, the answer is no.
    • If you want to have some fun and learn Java programming, the answer is maybe.
    • If you want to customize or add features to your Minecraft server, the answer is yes.
    It all depends on what you want to get out of it.
  6. I'd think of it as 'something to do'.

    If you'd be writing code anyway then why not do some freelancing. The way spigot works is people can buy your plugin /resource at any time so you could see it as a side income / bonus for your hard work. However, in my experience working one-on-one with clients if they're not established (e.g. Not a network) they'll undercut you and ask for more. 9 times out of 10 people will try and get an all out production-ready plugin for less than $10.

    Overall, good side income. Bad full time!
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  7. If you're talking about plugins:
    - Publishing premium resources will honestly not lead to tons of income unless it's a really solid and sought after plugin
    - Doing freelance work for clients / servers can be a good way to get experience, and make some good money on the side if that's what you're after

    If you really want to make money from plugins, it would be in privately sold, server tailored, gamemodes and plugins

    Alternatively building your own custom Spigot forks for servers is a great way to make money (providing you know how, and are actually making improvements and not only adding a bunch of colors, or faking TPS numbers, or adding useless "debug" info, and charging 5K for it) though that requires a portfolio or connections to start as nobody will pay good money for a custom fork from a nobody.

    Just my thoughts though
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  8. If you want to make money as a developer, coding plugins for minecraft is probabbly not the best way to make money. If you want to learn Java in a fun way and extend features of servers with your creativity, then it is "worth it"