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  1. Hi. I want to know what is the best Linux system for running a single dedicated Spigot server. I currently run my work in progress server on Windows 10 64 bit. The performance is fine, but it will be different when I polish my server. I see Windows 10 taking up a lot of resources all the time. My specs:

    (Don't question this hardware, it may seem weak, but trying is better than giving up and not having hope):
    CPU: AMD A6-9210 Dual-Core 2.8 GHz 7th Gen x64
    RAM: 4 GB DDR4 1067 MHz
    Download: 65 mbit/s
    Upload: 10 mbit/s

    I am only trying to run a max 100 players PvP server, with expected players of at least 25.

    I want to get the best performance possible to get the least lag on my server. Since my hardware is weak I need to have a lot of optimizations.

    I'm looking for a small, clean Linux with very low resource usage (less than 700 mb RAM needed, etc.). It should also come with a very lightweight GUI. I will use Ethernet, but it should still have Wi-FI support. And lastly, it should support Java 8 and 9. I'm not running my server on Java 7 and below.

    Thank you.
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    Distro is not going to change your performance by any measurable amount.
    Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS are the most popular.
  3. I used to run my server on windows and got excessive lag.

    Now I've switched to CentOS and use Pterodactyl to manage my server. Works like a charm and I noticed a big decrease in lag.
  4. Any distro of Linux will not change performance. It all depends on whether you are experienced with using Ubuntu or Centos.
  5. i recommend debian7/8
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  6. Why use a linux distro when you could just get Windows? Not trying to go off-topic or persuade you to use Windows, I'm just curious
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  7. Songoda


    Because windows uses a ton of extra resources and if all youre doing is hosting a minecraft server then what is even the point? Also I totally love Centos.
  8. I'd like to say windows is just running minimal things, excluding some small data collection and Prefetching / Super Prefetching - which is beneficial
  9. Debian, if you are after stability and security.
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  10. Windows runs a bunch of pointless shit in the background, from Microsoft Monitoring to using CPU and RAM and Storage drive resources. It uses a significant proportion of your machine's resources to even run.
  11. I agree. I'd even take CentOS off the list and stick to either Ubuntu if you're semi new to linux and use Debian if you know what you're doing. We've had the least amount of issues with stability on debian, but there's just so . so so much documentation for ubuntu and on a per version basis as well. You can start really clean and barebone with debian and get the most out of the system, while ubuntu lts still comes semi barebone, it has enough stuff pre installed that doesn't have anything to do with running minecraft, it's still more aimed as a LAMP solution.
  12. Besides the reasons already mentioned: It's a GUI for Windows usually, while you're trying to setup a 24/7 server system. And third argument is that you're bound to licenses. With linux 'you' are the system administrator and you have the system do as you desire to achieve the goals you need to reach.
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  13. Um lol are you joking? Just saying that Windows uses a lot more resources in the background and Linux is way more reliable for hosting a server.
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  14. I use Ubuntu 16.04 with pterodactyl
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  15. You could use lubuntu 16.04/17.10 if you want a gui but minumum ram and cpu, I get about 1% cpu usage and 300MB ram usage at idle woth lubuntu 16.04

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