Question for programmers that work for large companies (ie. Google, Microsoft)

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  1. Hello! I'm curious what a developer with the following specifications could get as a starting salary/wage at a company.

    - Self-taught Java
    - Self-taught PHP
    - Self-taught MySQL
    - No professional experience (ie. working at a programming company)
    - Experience in making plugins here on Spigot (they may not care about this, they may, I really have no idea)
    - With or without JSP knowledge (please include both numbers if this matters in most cases)
    - Some small open source projects

    I'm not looking to get an actual job anywhere, at least not right now, but I am curious about what kind of money people in development actually make. Also, I tried searching for this, but the only listings I found were for developers who had some sort of degree and weren't self-taught and/or already had experience working somewhere else.
  2. First degree, then job. Mostly works.
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  3. If a person already taught themself one or more programming languages, what is the purpose of a degree (other than proving you know how to program, but open source projects should do that as well).
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    I've found that on-the-job work beats anything else. Having that on a resume is much better during the hiring process. We looked at a few candidates and the ones that even had so much as an internship made the next round.
  5. Would published open source projects count as such work? These projects would just be a single developer doing them, with maybe a few pull requests.
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    From what I've been heavily told / noticed in life - a degree will un-doubtly help your chances of getting a job / getting a better salary.
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  7. You wont even get an interview with one of these companies unless you have a degree.
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  8. Steve jobs dropped out of college and made millions.
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    Eh, from briefly looking into it I *think* he just dropped a few courses, that's all..
    Anyway, I'll stop de-railing threads. ;P
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  10. It was Steve jobs company. If you start your own multi-million dollar company then you don't need the degree.
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  11. I did a project on him last yr, he dropped out of some read college I think and only learned calligraphy.

    He started off making computers in his garage. You don't just somehow make a Multimillionaire company once you start it silly goose.
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  12. A degree doesn't just say you know how to "program" it states that you can do it right. It shows that you know the correct way to do something. It shows that you can follow the standards, that you separate your processing from your I/O and that you understand the concepts. It's the little piece of paper that shows your intelligent enough to make things efficient, understandable and adaptable. You learn things in college that you don't learn on your own. You learn how to work with others, which is essential in the workplace.

    Steve Jobs didn't do shit. Name one thing that he has innovated since the passing of Steve Wozniak.

    Tip: you can't

    Apple is a failure of a company that takes advantage of it's buyers, no more, no less.
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  13. He also dropped out of a very good college. Dropping out of a community college and dropping out of somewhere that is very difficult to get in to are very different things. It's not like he tried to get a job afterwords, he started his own company. The world has changed and without a college degree you are very unlikely to get anywhere.
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  14. He never dropped out of Harvard, don't make assumptions. I know that in this present day it's harder to get a good job without a degree, my post was suppose to be funny but apparently it's not lol.
  15. Creating your own open source projects and publishing them on Github looks very good on any resume, as long as you give the employer proper documentation and it's related to the work you're looking for.
  16. Lmao I never said he innovated things. I said that he made millions.
  17. My bad I got confused as I previously thought he had went there. Either way he went to a very good school and I think my analogy works with any good school.
  18. Think you were thinking of Bill Gates :). Sorry I was being a bit rude there as well. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. And u know whats peculiar? Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both born on the same year. Crazy eh?
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  19. The reason having an accredited degree works is that the accrediting body is usually a professional industry body. So, the accredited degree shows that you passed the certain standard (in technical, ethical, etc.) accepted to work in those industries.

    Knowing prog language or being able to program does not mean s/he is appointable at certain level in industries. There are many DIY builders out there but you wouldn't want them to build your house unless you have some assurance would you?
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  20. 100k a year vs 15k a year. thats the difference.