Question : Hardware for Minecraft Server Hosting Company?

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  1. Hello, I am currently planning on possibly creating a minecraft server hosting company. I know quite a bit about specs but I want your guys opinion. These are the specs I want:

    Intel Xeon E5 CPU
    256GB ram (hopefully ddr4)
    2 TB HDD
    1 GBPS ddos protection
    1 GBPS uplink

    This all would go on a dedicated server where I will split sections into minecraft servers. Would the cup be able to hold let's say over 50 servers? Also, if you could link me to good dedicated hosts that are worth their prices. Thank you Spigot Community.
  2. Could possibly hold more than 50 depending on the playerbase of each server
  3. How does the cpu come into play because won't the servers cause intensity on the cpu
  4. Having a lot of RAM doesn't mean you can run multiple servers, unless you have A LOT of cores with a good clock speed.
  5. So I should go for a smaller approach such as 32 GB per dedicated server. Clock speeds I see are generally over 4 ghz. And they have lots of cores like 8 min.
  6. 3 GB for plugins, 1GB PER 10 players, and 2GB for the operating system is the best setup I've found.
  7. If I were to host 20 servers per box would It work at 64 gb ram.
  8. Something is horribly wrong with your system if you need 2GB for the OS.. and 3GB for plugins? Use less shitty ones.

    to OP: You wont get 50 servers on one machine with one CPU, without horrible lag.. Why would you even want 50 servers? You mean 50 worlds? (still laggy)
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  9. What would you recommend? How many servers players rent from me per box and what hardware?
  10. ur funny
  11. More like 512mb for OS.
  12. As others stated RAM is not "everything". Unless you got a REALLY good E5 system there won't be enough threads to take a load of 50 average servers.

    E3v3s/E3v5s/E5 1650v3s are a good sets of CPUs to take from and reasonably priced in most cases. Then you would want to also add in AT LEAST 10x the DDoS mitigation. Throw a RAID 1/10 SSD setup and "boom goes the dynamite".

    If your looking for quality servicing overall and your planning on looking for Dallas Texas hosting then you can't go wrong with Limestone Networks.
  13. So im thinking a single processor e5 server with 32 GBPS ram would fit 10-15 servers give or take? Also with 128 gb ssd.
  14. Tux


    You're looking at more than $300/month for this kind of server, possibly more. Let's work off $350/month as a somewhat generous estimate.

    At that rate, you're looking at $7/GB for 50 servers of 1GB just to recoup your investment on this server, and we're excluding the costs of acquiring licenses, more servers, domains, and hosting for the billing/server panels.

    Now, if you wanted to be more modest, you could probably pay a lot less. You can sell at $4/GB for 50 servers of 1GB with a MC-128 from OVH, but almost everyone uses OVH.
  15. I should've worded it better, 2 (or more) GB for the machine, and 3 GB for plugins to be 100% certain that they won't cause performance issues.
  16. Yea i understand the cost I do plugin development and such and could pay for it. This really helped, thanks. But do you know how good their ddos protection is? I could just invest in cloudflare antiddos. Also what kind of licensing would i need?
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    OVH DDoS protection is a mixed bag.

    You'd need licenses for the server management panel and billing panel. There's a very good chance that's Multicraft and WHMCS.
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    Cloudflare =/= Minecraft

    OVH DDoS protection works well for attacks other than L7.
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  19. So which anti ddos is better?