[Question] Hosting a server from home.

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  1. Going to try and make this simple and easy without rambling on.
    I essentially want to build a server to hosting a small MC server on.
    Right now, my cheapest options are roughly an i5-750-i7-860 and 16GBs of RAM. ( I can get it insanely cheap )
    Obviously the motherboard, PSU ect are factors but I \got this, I think you just need the RAM and CPU. Is this good for say 2 constant running servers? One modded one vanilla,. no more than 2 worlds and than a 3rd world for either a monthly UHC or whatnot.
    One big issue is bandwidth, how should my upload speed be for roughly 6 people on ( including both servers ) at max on only during peak times, mostly 0-2. During big group events 15 of us could get on at once.
    Is MineOS a good idea for hosting? I also understand hosting from home has "ddos problems" but going to avoid that as much as possible by getting a free domain even though I know it isn't hard to find out the IP via the domain, I really don't think anyone in the group has the skills or knowledge to ddos.
    How much RAM should I dedicate to each of the servers? 6-8GBs for the modded, 4-6GBs for the Vanilla and 2GBs for the OS? And during group events split the vanilla and event servers RAM?
    Is Bungee also somewhat I am looking for? Still not quite should on how the whole running multiple worlds off of one server thing works and how to essentially split them so each can have a certain amount of dedicated RAM ect
    Any other tips or ideas that I may be looking for, please suggest them. If you think I missed something or have a better idea, please suggest them.
  2. Just host your proxy (create a simple one if you don't have any) on a 3 dollar (monthly) VPS which is equipped with anti-DDOS. Cheap & very effective.
  3. Could yuou emphasis on what you mean by a VPS? I know what a proxy is and what it does, though like I said I honestly don't think I would need to go above and beyond to protect this but will take minor precautions just in case. Do you know about any other of the questions I asked? @bigteddy98
  4. Just hire a very cheap virtual server with limited hardware. Something like this. Route your players through there so they won't ever know your real IP address. And the best thing, this very cheap VPS is equipped with anti DDOS. Not trying to advertise, but OVH is just my personal best option for whoever lives in either Europe or America ;)
  5. But wont that extra path add like 20-50 ms to your players ping?
  6. Depends on the ping between you and your VPS, but you're right. But I personally wouldn't care about this unnoticeable small increase.
  7. MiniDigger


    if you host the server at home, the ping bad anyways.
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  8. Someone else over on Reddit told me about OVH but never emphasized on what exactly they were, I'll look into it.

    (sorry for long message, lots of questions since it is my first time doing it and want to do it the right way, thanks for all the answers)
    One of our members uses GG servers, anything under 70-100MS is more than optimal.

    One big question I have is one, I know 16GBs of RAM is more than enough for the 2-3 servers, though is the i5-750 or i7-860 enough? I would just get a Xeon E5-2670 though LGA 2011 Motherboards are stupidly priced and aren't worth my time in my opinion.
    The last of the bigger questions is internet speeds, technically if I am hosting from home it will be using my internet, now I rarely do anything that involves using all my upload speed in a big time period, maybe 15-20second highlights from a game at 720p30FPS but that takes like 4 minutes. Lets say a MAX of 15 players on during maybe 2-3 hours of an entire month, on a daily basis maybe 3-4 and on weekends 6ish ( which I am usually not home so upload will be at its peak for me ). Also, if my internet is NOT enough, wouldn't it be possible ( again, a guy on reddit told me about this or mentioned it ) that I could buy all the parts, put them together and send them to a datacenter where they would power and hook up internet to it, where I could then remotely control it. No clue on this or if it is possible, he mentioned sending it to my ISP as well to directly host from them but again, no idea how it would work or what I would have to do like a rackmount or just a standard SFF case.

    Alright, I somewhat lied. One last question,( maybe ) how exactly does the VPS work? Could you link me any videos or articles that you feel are the best so I can get the general idea? Very new to this and trying to get all the details out before I start spending money on stuff that no one asked me to do.
  9. Never use GG Servers, their servers sometimes drop, and disconnect.
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  10. I have 2 dedicated server hosted in my bedroom
  11. Beautiful Paint skills.
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  12. '
    Should of emphasized on the fact that most of us hate it. He envys it for some reason and it is why I want to host one, the server is maxed out all the time during group events and it is just not fun.
  13. I really enjoy all the help though a lot of my questions have yet to be answered. A lot of you just jumped to the DDOS protection which really does not need to be anything crazy. Yeah maybe when we further expand our community it can be an option but as of now I need to know two things.
    1. What internet upload speed for during the week maybe 3-6 people on, at night maybe one and ONCE a month a max of 15 people for like a 1-2 hour period.
    2. Is the specified hardware ENOUGH? Could I get away with an i7-750 or will the i7-860 be more optimal and a better choice for me?
  14. 1). 9Mb/s as up speed should fit 20-25 players and maybe rent a ovh vps and run there bungeecord of it
    2). Depends on your budget but I'd recommend a decent i5 or i7
  15. The words "home" and "hosting" should never be in the same sentence.
  16. It should be: Question about hosting a server at home or Question about homehosting.
  17. Sorry, I am just not paying some company $60 a month so I can host a server. Especially when I can pay $150-$200 upfront and not have to worry about it for at least 2 years.
  18. That doesn't matter, you can still DDoS it.

    Assign 1GB of RAM per server, maybe 512MB for the vanilla sever; you are allocating way to much RAM. How many players do you expect to have? When you start running out of RAM, increase is slightly; don't start allocating your entire system's RAM.

    Why are you home hosting? What is your up and downlink? I'd take a shot and say it's simply not enough; doesn't matter how good the system is if connections to it are slow.
  19. $18 with Kimsufi for pretty much the same system and you can forget the risks/issues;

    Fires, (D)DoS, Massive Upfront Costs, Poor Connectivity, Electricity Costs the list goes on...
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  20. All servers can get a virus too...