[Question] Multiple Arenas with Multiple Maps

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  1. Please correct me if I'm in the wrong section.

    I guess this is a development question.

    So basically you see how servers let's use Hypixel as an example.

    Let's you say make an arena called arena1 then another called arena2 how would I allow multiple maps per arena.

    Would I have to look into bungee cord to allow multiple maps for multiple arenas?

    Or is there another way

    This probably sounds weird... I hope I explained it good enough
  2. Thoes big minigame servers are networks, that use different servers for each game, that are attached together basically. So yes, you would need to use Bungee Cord if you want to do what they are doing, but if you want a smaller scale with just dfifferent worlds, you can just use the spigot api.
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  3. I assume you are talking about a game where the only difference for the game concerning different maps would be a list of locations (spawns/chests and so on).

    When you start the arena you will have to load a random map out of all your maps. Then start the game with the specific set of locations you need for that map.

    More generally you need a set of settings that depend on the map and that can be different with the game still working. All of that can work without Bungeecord, as long as you want to stay on one server.

  4. Thanks guys <3