[Question] What plugins would you like?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by MGPro, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Hello!
    @rivwhall05 and I want to make custom plugins to be made for the Spigot community but all we need is YOUR ideas just leave a suggestion below and we will respond if we do it or not!

  2. Hello i may be of some assistance to your problem, I am making a new plugin based on one of my favorite mobile games, we could team up and get 50/50 of the profits!
  3. Like I said to @rivwhall05:
    Wrong section, I think its better to post in Offering Developers since people who are looking for plugins usually look there. This is for people who need help with their plugin. If they don't want to you release it publicly just tell them that you won't do it for free then :)

    Good luck!

    PS. report this thread and ask for a mod to lock it since this is basically resolved. Or mark your thread as solved :p
  4. Sorry! I dont need any help we are just looking for ideas. We want to make a plugin to help the community. Maybe you didn't read the thread right.
  5. Sorry. We will keep this thread here for a bit maybe we will get some answers. By tomorrow This thread will be down don't worry!
  6. I did read it correctly, I'm just saying that you'll get more ideas when you post in the offering section since people are looking for developers over there. Maybe you didn't read my reply right?
  7. I wasn't talking to you @OxKitsune ! Sorry. I was talking to the other guy. And I will move it over if i don't get many reply's here. One reason why i posted here is because i'm trying to get 4 more reply's that are not spam. So i can then post in that section.
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  8. Oh sorry my bad I didn't read the quote correct :p Anyways good luck!
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  9. Thanks @OxKitsune for the help and do u have any ideas for a plugin? Like is there any plugin that a lot of people have asked for?
  10. What about a plugin that turns images (JPG, PNG or GIF) into maps and displays them in itemframes? Sounds intresting, make it so that the frames automatically play the GIF images :D
  11. Ok sounds good ill think about it and see what other people say. Thanks a lot!
  12. This has already been done before.
  13. BannerDisplay does this pretty well.