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  1. ryu


    Hello Spigot Community,

    I was wondering what everyone would think a factions plugin like Cosmic PvP and Treasurewars has would cost to be made? As well as if anyone would maybe be up for the task of possibly creating this plugin please PM me with:


    Best Regards,
    RyujiX | AutMiners Co-Founder
  2. Any mini game type of plugin is going to cost $2-300 + to make, nobody's going to dedicate time to it to get anything less than that.
  3. True. Also, why do u want to copy someone? Get creative and make something new/different!:D.
  4. I wouldn't base your server exactly off of another server, try to be creative and add some cool features that are unique only towards your server.
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  5. copying 1 plugin is not copying many lol
  6. 1 Minor plugin or 1 essential core plugin :/
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