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  1. What is that plugin that lets you see whether or not someone has a hacked client or a mod?
  2. Doesnt exist.
    But you can block hacks using like AntiAura, AntiCriticalCheat, NoCheatPlus etc.
  3. They cost money... And I don't really have a way of making money ;/
  4. NoCheatPlus is free.
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  5. NCP Should do you fine if you can't purchase AntiAura.
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  6. I believe it's impossible to make. The default packets sent from the Minecraft Client could be checked, but a good 'hacker' can just spoof the packets.
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  7. Now if you could grab the clients protocol, profile name, jar name, etc would be good, but spoofing could make it seem like latest optifine.
  8. Spoofing could make it seem like default Minecraft.
  9. That's also true.