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  1. So,

    I have heard that a port on you're IP can get you hacked, or can let players gain op somehow. I am just asking if this is true or not.

    Say for example, I joined, would I be able to get OP using the port?

    Thanks, Tom.
  2. This is more likely something towards servers using BungeeCord because they set the server to offline mode and can join as the owner using a cracked client. To avoid this, set the server-ip to localhost/ on your
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    Yup, its true some players direct connect to servers that are connected with bungee, some servers didn't thought of that, so a player could oin with cracked (admin account), and do stuff.
  4. I have IP-Whitelist and only the IP of the bungee proxy is allowed in. Therefore, it is impossible to do this.

    Any other ideas?
  5. JustThiemo

    JustThiemo Previously TrinityDEV

    Then its not possible to "hack" using a port.
  6. Instead of using a different plugin, just change the server-ip to localhost or the ip of your bungee server.
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  7. Thanks.

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