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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by jaren.raynault, May 15, 2018.

  1. Hello there,
    I have some questions related to server hosting and what is considered to be worth it from a price perspective. Some things that hosts offer don't seem to be worth it, considering the fact that I don't use modpacks or automatic plugin installers. Even DDoS protection is something that I probably won't need.

    My plan is to buy a 4 GB shared server for Survival that would run Spigot on 1.8 (i'm not entirely sure about that). Also, I have been hearing a lot about $1 per GB Minecraft server hosting. I have never tried it myself, but the low price tag seems unusual in my opinion. Does anyone have experience with any of this, if so please let me know?

    I would appreciate some advice, it would really help.
  2. To get a good server with 4GB it would be roughly $20 a month minimum, The cheapest you can get for 4GB and unlimited players is probably Server.Pro in my opinion. Cause 4GB would just be Ram is what your talking about but your forgetting about storage prices as the 4GB is the RAM probably.
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  3. Getting 4GB shouldn't cost a lot. $20 a month you could get a lot more than just 4GB - Sever.Pro just copy MCProHosting's prices a bit. I've got my bungee server on my own host - and for 4GB costs $6.50 per month with unlimited players. If you'd like to trial our severs shoot me a PM.
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  4. You're absolutely wrong! You don't need to pay $5/GB to get good hosting anymore.

    Here's a list of affordable hosts. I would definitely recommend DeluxeNode since they have their own hardware (no reselling) and Voxility anti-DDoS. Also the staff is super helpful!
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  5. If you don’t care about web panels and so on, you can just run your server(s) on a VPS (Virtual Private Server).
    I myself am using one of these servers with 4vCores, 12GB of RAM and 250GB of SSD storage for roughly 10,70$ (8,99€).
  6. You're not using a VPS from Contabo are you?
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  7. Yes I am. Is there something wrong with that?
    I knew the thing was to good to be true...
    Where's the catch with it?
  8. I'd suggest going with They have $2/gb of RAM plans and unlimited SSD storage.
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  9. Their anti-DDoS protection is utter garbage. I asked someone here on the forums to test it out after I was told it's utter garbage. After that my server was taken down for 40 minutes supposedly by a 3Gb/s booter (which is really small). I called them the next day and recorded the call:

    I was told that the DDoS attack saturated the reserved bandwidth of my server thus rendering it unreachable by me or my players. In the call I was also told that such a small attack is technically impossible for anyone to detect with any kind of system, which is absolutely not true.

    And apart from the anti-DDoS issues I'm pretty sure my VPS host machine was being overallocated and/or faulty, since my VPS kept freezing (soft kernel lock) for even half a minute once or twice a day. This wasn't caused by overloading the reserved resources since it even happened when there wasn't anyone on the server and almost no load at all.

    Stay away from Contabo for Minecraft their prices are low because they overallocate and their 'in-house' anti-DDoS is literally uselesss.

    For VPSes I would suggest migrating to OVH, Hertzner (I rent a dedi from them) or DeluxeNode.

    OVH is large, reliable and has really good anti-DDoS
    Hertzner is large in Germany, has better performance VPSes than OVH but worse anti-DDoS
    DeluxeNode has mediocre performance with their VPSes but they've got really good connectivity to the US, Voxility anti-DDoS and are definitely not overallocating resources!
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  10. That is really strange, cause I have not had a single problem with it, ever since I started using Contabo.
    Since I'm not using it for a minecraft server, I'll probably stay with Contabo for now, because money plays a big role for my project, but I'll keep my eyes open for suspicious things.

    Thank you for the warning
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Shhh I just realised.
  13. I think vahosting is the best I have seen
  14. 128GB RAM for 4 cores, that can't go well.
  15. Also the CPU is an oldie since it's Sandy bridge, so performance will definitely not last for 128GB worth of servers
  16. That's false. You can get a 32 GB I7 dedicated server for 43 $. Your host will sell that for 60 $, let's say, but you still only pay 2$/GB, and he doesn't oversell.
  17. I would love to know where you're getting a decently new I7 dedi for $43?
  18. Webtropia, but their ddos protection is not the best. I'm not sure if they still sell the kind of dedicated that I rent off them, but they have good prices and the internet speed is quite high

    Sorry for not speaking English peoperly, tried to write as less as I can as I don't stand writing on a phone
  19. You are not seriously recommending Myloc ?;(

    They have a Datacenter in Düsseldorf and they have the same concept as OVH, Myloc as parent, Webtropia as sister and another smaller one.

    I had a 1700X dedicated to try something out, it did not just turn off by a 1Gbps attack it also had a lot issue's. After contacting their support they recommended me to use Cloudflare instead. Keep your fingers away as long it's meant to be used as a public server. Myloc, Contabo etc are all not meant to host gameservers.
  20. Their ddos protection is bad (from what i know, they null-route quite fast), but as long as you buy a sepparate bungeecord host, it's quite fine. Ping in europe is good and price/quality is fine.

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