Questions about Remote Chest Access plugins.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone was in the process of making, (or has already made,) a remote chest access plugin. I found one called
    Remote Chests 1.0.1

    Open any chests remotely with ease!

    and it was almost what I was looking for. Here are the things im looking for in this kind of plugin and if anyone knows if one exists out there compatible with 1.14(.3)

    1. Tab complete/gui support.
    I have about 60 chests, and I would rather not have to remember all of them off the top of my head each time I want to access one, i'd like to just be able to type like the first 3 letters and have my options narrowed down,
    like if i did "/rc open ande" and hit tab, it could find that I have only 2 chests with close names to that, andesite, and andesitep (for polished andesite of course lol). Or a gui that opens with pages that lets you look through them all.

    2. Detailed config.
    Well, maybe not detailed, but one that lets every little feature be changed. Such as limits on how many chests can be set, per number perms (pc.create.5, pc.create.6 and so on,) enable disable perm for certain roles, configurable distance with -1 (infinite range) being an option, and maybe even ability to only open and take out items but not put items in (changeable by permissions of course,) and cooldown.

    Anyone who knows of any plugins like this that are functioning with 1.14, please drop them down below for me. I dont have a preference if its a paid plugin or not, I mean I probs wouldnt ever spend more than 10 bucks on a plugin, but I really want a plugin like this in my life. Anyone who is in progress with making one, you should let me know how it's going. Thank you in advance! :)(y)
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