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  1. Hello Spigot! I've been wanting to get a network started for quite awhile now, and I have a text file with loads of good ideas to make it very unique (not all of them have been shared with anyone, so if you are one of the people who saw some of the ideas and said "that's already been done" or something similar, rest assured that I now have more ideas).

    Number of servers and players: -- ANSWERED
    I would like to use this server, and hold 2500 players on it. This will be optimized as much as I can get it to be (most of the plugins are custom-coded by me to be as efficient as possible, I also focus on optimizing the configurations of the plugins I didn't make (for instance worldedit) and of spigot and bungeecord themselves). So, is 2500 a realistic number of players to hold on that server, assuming everything is very optimized? If not, how many of those should I have (and how should the servers be distributed (one mini-game per dedi?)?)/what other server should I use?

    Advertising: -- ANSWERED
    Which option is best:
    - Posting my server on PMC (bumping daily at peak times), MinecraftForums (Bumping as much as I can without breaking their rules), Various server lists, and Youtube
    - .org slot
    - Buying a Youtube video from one or more famous Youtubers (how can I contact them?)

    Introduction of Mini-Games: -- ANSWERED (although more perspectives on this are welcomed)
    Which option is best:
    - Have all of my custom-made, unique, never-before seen mini-games on my server at release
    - Start with one mini-game, and slowly add more as the playerbase grows
    *I expect the playerbase to grow fast if I am using one of the last two options for advertising, and I want to have enough mini-games to cover everyone if this happens, so keep that in-mind.

    Mojang's EULA:
    Which option is best:
    - Follow their new rules, and have only aesthetic perks (I have plenty of these that I think many people will pay for (along with most of them already implemented into a plugin))
    - As many people have hinted, Mojang may not be planning to enforce things, but only tell the literal truth of the EULA when directly asked (like how this whole thing started), to avoid their EULA becoming null when they need it (ex. put-put incident). So, this option is to ignore it and just sell gameplay-changing perks in addition to the aesthetic ones

    *Information for the US only please, please no information for any country but the US
    What are my tax obligations from running a Minecraft server (this server is for profit, but of course the quality of the server is the first priority, but it would be nice to profit a bit once it takes off :))? Please explain in a very high level of detail, such as the exact forms that must be filled out. Or, if you think it's true, should I contact the IRS about this?

    Title says it all, is it worth it to pay the bit extra and have less space to get the increased speeds of a SSD?

    RamDisk: -- ANSWERED
    A lot of dedicated servers have a lot more ram than I would need, so I'm thinking that putting the entire network in a ramdisk may be a good idea. What do you think about this?

    Backups: -- ANSWERED
    I plan to have a VPS in Europe (the main server will be in Montreal) to hold all of the backups. They will be in a tar archive compressed with 'lrzip -z'. Is it a better idea to send the uncompressed tar to the VPS and compress it there before storing, or to compress it ahead of time on the same dedi that is hosting the servers before sending it to the VPS? Keep in mind that OVH has unlimited dedi bandwidth, but a 10TB monthly VPS bandwidth, and also that the compression will happen on the same CPU running the servers.

    Should the servers be stopped before backups are made (tar), or is it safe to backup while the servers are running?

    (I'm looking for investors, please pm if interested)

    Also, please back up your answers with reasoning. Don't say "don't do ramdisk", unless of course you back it up.

    Thank you in advance for any answers! And good luck with all of your servers :).
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    Don't do a ramdisk.
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  3. Elaborate?
  4. You only have 4 cores on that thing. Sorry, but no way in hell are you going to fit 2500 players on that box.
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  5. Would this do it, or do I need something like this? Also, about how much do you think it could hold?
  6. You're going to need multiple boxes matey.
    2500 players will need at least 1-2 E3s to bungee itself.
    Then you've got the gameservers, you can fit about 250-450 on each other E3.

    One box will just not cut it.
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  7. If I have 6 of these, with a bungee instance on each one, how would that work with 2500.
    Additionally, how many players do you think I could fit on an E5 thread?
  8. Eh, i personally wouldnt mix bungee and game servers together, with 6 you may just be able to squeeze it on if everything is optimized.
    If it's an E5-1620v2, forget it. They're around the same as a 1245v2 but more expensive, the 1650v2 is basically an E3-1245v2 with more cores. Thread performance is similar.
  9. What is wrong with mixing them? Also, would it be a better idea to have 5 SYS-32-2 for all of my spigot instances + one more for bungee, website, and MySQL, how would that work?
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    For the fairly minimal performance gain over SSDs, then the instability and risk of it is not worth it (And the effort).
  11. I would only use the ramdisk if I decided to go with a regular HDD. If the ramdisk saves at some short interval (ie 5 minutes) on a different thread (in case of concurrent modification, the new data is written), then it is stable enough (the chances of a power outage or break in in a OVH datacenter are basically 0). On Ubuntu server, ramdisks have minimal effort to install (last time I checked about 3 months ago :p).
  12. This is where you need even more instances and why i don't like to seperate them.

    I'd go with.
    2-3 Bungee E3s
    1 for Website + Mysql
    Say 400 each E3 game server
    Thats nearly 7 other game servers you need.

    So thats nearly 10 machines you've got there.

    If you don't know how remote MySQL works then i doubt you've got enough experience to make an infrastructure like this.
  13. 10 machines is a bit too much to afford, if I had enough money then I would go with that (also when will your dedicated servers come out, I want to look at your deals because who knows?, they may beat OVH). I know how remote mysql works.

    So, since 2500 seems to be a bit expensive, how many players do you think could be held on one of these, keep in mind that everything else (mysql, website, bungee, maybe email (haven't decided weather or not to use gmail on my domain for this), etc. will be all on this dedi. The only thing not on this dedi will be the backup VPS.
  14. < That might do it, but you're going to have to run a bungee and all that.

    This probably will [MIGHT] do it: :p

    I would put 600 players on one <>, but it might lag.

    Note that you should allot .3 mbps per each player, so if you're going to multiple boxes, you'll need a 10GigT line
  15. And that's why you should run multiple boxs.
  16. Do you think if I just opened the server with SP-64 with 600 slots (super optimized of course), and got a youtube video that makes all 600 of those slots fill up, that I would be OK in terms of performance?
  17. I'd do that, but I don't have the money. I appreciate suggestions, but telling me to do things that I can't do isn't helpful.
  18. Have you got 2.5k players ready to join straight away?
    If not. Just simply downscale your operations a little. But using multiple servers is better in the long run.
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  19. I would not host more than 500 players on one box (and DEFINITELY on one server instance!), to let the network keep up.

    A ballpark figure would be six of these:
    Should hold fine, dedicate one to bungeecord, and run another bungeecord (with RR DNS) on the server with the least intensive usage on it.

    And don't do ramdisk, there's absolutely no reason, ever.
  20. Based on what other members of Spigot have said, youtube videos get much more than 2.5k people wanting to get in your server.
    My plan is to start out with this, and then once enough money and players come in, to upgrade to a multi-server setup (I can just pack up the servers in a lrzip tar archive, and send them to the new dedi).

    Alouth, I would like to know the best way to use multiple bungees with one ip address. I assume to just have multiple DNS records, but is there a better, more load balancy (no SRV please) way?