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  1. It also makes the network look more professional.
  2. These are the planned emails:
    [email protected] -> For general support (admins + support staff + me can access this)
    [email protected] -> For payment disputes (admins + me can access this)
    [email protected] -> For automated messages (I can access this)
    [email protected] -> For me (I can access this)
    [email protected] -> For all moderators, this is to be used as a way for a player to report griefers/cheaters/spammers/scammers/trolls/etc. to the moderators (Moderators, admins, and me can access this)
    [email protected] -> all staff can access this
    <insert-staff-userame-here>.<staff-rank> (example: [email protected]) -> The the staff member of this email can access it.

    Also, what would I use Gmail when I can use postfix or possibly even my own SMTP server, without restrictions, and without paying?
  3. If someone needs to email staff about something, that they can't post on the forums or say in game, I'd prefer that it came directly to me.
  4. Hence the [email protected] address :), if they want to send it to me.
    I want my players to have the best experience possible, so having such a complex email structure is a good thing (imo) because it gives players lots of options of who gets the message. Some players may want to just send a quick message without the hassle of signing up on the forums and/or their parent's don't let them sign up for online forums, but allow email (some examples of this have turned up on my terratekkit server occasionally).
  5. Get a VPS:
    I plan on using this.
  6. Took a peek at it, seems to hook up to the default SMTP server.
    There is also no benefits of any kind in hosting your own, if you could >_>

    EDIT: There are only downsides.
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  7. Or have a forum.
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  8. I'm gonna have that too, but as I already stated, I want to give players the best experience and some don't want to/aren't allowed to sign up on forums.
  9. Kids would be too lazy to sign up on a forum, but would rather remember a bunch of emails?
  10. The emails will be broadcasted in-game at an interval, along with a bunch of signs. Additionally, some kids are not allowed to sign up on any forums by their parents, but are allowed to send email (I get a fair amount of people on my modded servers saying "my parents wont let meh sign up on ur forum can i email u instead my admin application?!").
  11. If a kid isn't allowed to sign up on a forum, they shouldn't get accepted anyways.
  12. Yes, of course, but they should be allowed to file a report for a griefer/cheater/other annoyance.
  13. Have a section on the site where you can report players with a form. Much easier and less spam.
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    Google Apps no longer has a free plan. You had to be a past subscriber to keep it free.
  15. OR you could just host those email accounts with a domain registrar...

    (Please correct me if you can't, i'm not an expert with emails).

    Edit: Yeah, yeah you can.
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    Was already mentioned and declined by John in the post.
  17. I would also rather host my own mail server :b
    (Which is what John plans to do)