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  1. My suggestion is that you don't go full out with advertising initially. It is best to start small, gather play feedback and improve slowly until you believe the server is in a condition that you'd like everyone to see. Remember the saying measure twice and cut once? That applies to Minecraft servers. I can't imagine how over whelming it would be to grow from 0 players to 300 within a day, it just seems irrational to do so.

    Best of luck.
  2. It woulden't be spam because the emails are specificley for that.
    No, it allows up to 5 accounts free, as of yesterday (they make this quite hidden, but it can be found if you look around enough, I didn't save the link though :().
    Any idea if Namecheap has this? If so, do they limit me on outgoing/incoming emails?
    They charge per user, there is an inbox limit, there is a mail size limit (I will have this with the dedi, but all emails will most likely be GZipped if I can get that configuration working).
  3. I will get some people (including some people from Spigot (rate my server section)) to come on the server and give feedback before it opens. Of course it will be overwhelming, but that's why I have so many staff, and hence so many staff emails.
  4. I really don't get why you think you're immediately going to grow to 300 people immediately. No matter how high quality your network is, growing a community takes time. As some others have been saying, start small and grow big, don't immediately try to become huge.
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    Google Apps Free Plan is dead, unfortunately. Best you can find is a free trial, which may have been what you saw.

    Namecheap does offer this. I pay $9 a year for unlimited mail on a single address.
  6. Another page on their site said otherwise, anyway, I'm not going to use google so it dosen't matter.

    As for namecheap, I'm looking for unlimited (limited to the dedi space is ok) mail on unlimited addresses, something with AFAIK, namecheap dosen't have.
  7. I plan to get a youtube video, which will, at least for awhile, get me lots of players.
  8. Ah glad to hear. If you need help with staffing hit me up, I have a fair amount of time and I wouldn't mind devoting it to help a fellow Spigotee :)
  9. it will get you players for not longer than a week. Look at graphs of servers that bought videos.
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  10. Do you have any data as to how much I will get in "donations" to buy another video and/or dedi if needed?
  11. This isn't a hugely popular topic - There's no e-books or stuff about the effectiveness of YouTubers. If you want to find that stuff out, search around and talk to other owners, but there's no relation which says "this YTer will give you exactly X in donations" - It's going to change based on how good your server is, your staff, your community, perks, etc.
  12. Considering I will have mini-games that are not found anywhere else, how many donations (just a ball-park range) do you think I will get. I hope to be able to get the best staff possible, and for me a small, good, staff is better than a large, bad, staff.
  13. Fire fast, Higher slow.
    Perks, lol.
  14. Makes sense, it's what I'm planning to some extent. Thank you for this!
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  15. Unfortunately, the quality of minigames isn't too closely related to the number of donations you'll get. It depends on your perks and what your games are. Perhaps if you described those a bit better we could help you more.

    The only thing I don't get is why you're stressing so much over donations. You've said it's not a for-profit network, and yet pretty much the only thing I see you talking about is donations. As long as you get enough to cover your dedi, which I'm pretty sure you will get, you're fine.
  16. At the moment, due to a lack of advice on this, I will be doing aesthetic only donation ranks, I would like some advice on whether to do a monthly payment, or a one-time payment. I am not willing to publicly say what the games are, because I do not want them stolen. I'm stressing over donations because I'm worried to be in a situation where I need another video, but I can't afford one.
  17. That's where I think you're going wrong. You should never put yourself in a situation where you 'need' a video or where constantly getting videos put up is your method of having players. Get a small playerbase (<100) and see how well you keep your players. Talk to them, listen to them, etc. If you can afford it, get a video or .org slot to boost your playerbase. If you're relying on YT videos to keep your playerbase up, you're just going to be wasting money.

    One key thing I see a lot of server owners confusing a player base with a community. They're two different things. If you want to make money, get a player base. If you want to have people know each other, talk outside of a minigame where they'll likely never see each other again, etc, you need to focus more on running a community.
  18. I don't want to need another youtube video, but it could happen. Of course, before getting a second youtube video I will need to make sure that whatever caused the old players to leave is fixed.

    I want to have a community rather than a playerbase, but in my mind the terms mean basically the same thing if I'm not paying much attention to the exact words I'm using (such as in many spigot posts), so I've been using playerbase more.