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  1. That is the question. What is best? A unique server or 3 servers with bungeecord?

    I will upgrade my server to a new OVH server. It has this features:
    - Intel core I5 2400 - 3.1ghz to 3.4ghz with turboboost.
    - 16Gb of ram DDR3
    - 2 2Tb 7200rpm HDD on Raid 1
    - A 100mbps network

    My actual server usually handles 60 players on the no premium server , 20 players on premium server and also 12 to 24 players on a hunger games.
    Actually at the afternoon, when there are 80-100 users on the servers the game becomes very laggy... even the teamspeak 3 voices sound very bad...

    I know that bukkit/spigot servers only uses one core, because of this i ask if it is better to create 3 servers connected with bungeecord [pve (+nether+end), pvp(+nether+end) and creative] or a unique server.

    I think that my Ubuntu server is totally caotic (I dont created a minecraft account, i always worked with the root account without experience and i have made errors...) and because of this the minecraft servers run laggy.

    Mi actual server config is:
    - Intel core I3 2100 3.2ghz Overclocked (Yes, Ovh and overclocked)
    - 16Gb of Ram DDR3
    - 2Tb HDD 7200rpm on Raid 1
    - A 100mbps network

    Also i have another question... how much performance could i win if i use a ramdisk to load the principal server maps?

    Also... another question. Is the ReiserFS filesystem usseles for minecraft servers? I can take 100gb of my HDD and create a new partition with that filesystem...

    PD: I consider that my english isnt very well, if anybody doesnt understand anything please, tell me on a post and i will try to explain better.
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  2. ive never used ramdisks but imo you should just get a SSD instead. Ramdisks seem like alot of overhead and dicking around.
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    Shelmak, I would go for one server if i was you. using the OVH 32GB dedi, and i am running 40 people with 0% lag. I even exploded over 20000 TNT and the server did not even lag one iota.

    Spigot/bukkit does NOT ONLY USE ONE CORE! It is just the main thread that is on that core. I find that usually the other cores are about 20% lower than main core. e.g. 100% main core, 80% other cores, this means if u had 3 servers, this would lag like hell. Go for 2 or 1 server with 4 cores. But never 3.
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  4. Reiserfs is optimal (or was) for lots of small files; it used to be quite good, but Minecraft has since changed its file format to use larger files. I'd just stick with ext4, or maybe btrfs if you want snapshots, or zfs if you don't mind a little extra work. zfs is more mature, but its native Linux port is possibly not up to snuff. I've been using btrfs, but keeping pretty good backups.
  5. Yes... i like a SSD drive but a server with SSD is more expensive that a server with a conventional HDD...
    Are really a big diference between a hdd server vs a ssd server? I suppose that the answer is yes, but if i can take the same results with a ramdisk... i must try it before renting a new server.

    My server actually is maintained by the vips, every month i receive about 50 or 60 euros and it is the prize of the server... sometimes i receive a little more money but it is saved because sometimes, any month the vip benefits doesnt be sufficient to pay the server.

    The other reason is that OVH doesnt change your harddrive, you must rent another server and we are on the same situation: money :)
    The idea is not to pay the server with my money... i'm to correct bugs and solve problems, not to pay a server.

    If anybody can suggest me other server company please, make a post . Thanks a lot for your responses.
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    Well, i am using OVH and loving it, and it cost me nothing extra to have SSD. Just chose the package with SSD - same price, bought it, and **Poof** I had it.
    You going for a VPS of theirs? i would recommend going for the £71 dedi. Though i can understand you may not be able to afford that, remember that if your server is good and growing and fun, u will get lots of donations :)
  7. uWell, really the creative server is only for vip players...
    Umm, i suppose that with two servers must be fine, the second reason to mount multiple servers was avoid the conflict with the nether and end pve and pvp, and also avoid plugin incompatibilities and permissions problems.

    Could be an good idea to assign the core preference to a server?
    - Server 1: core 1&2
    - Server 2: core 3&4
    Are there any option to assign that option on the startup of a server?
    Thanks a lot for that help guys, i wish to mount the server with a good performance.

    Edit: Joehot200, i must ask you... dont you think that for you, for only 40 players your server has very, but very much ram?

    When my server has about 6 months, it took very much popularity, it was a offline mode false server and it reached 80 players. I exploded more than 10000TNT and there were 0% lag. But a time after the server start to be laggy... the server was restarted and were created 2 servers that are now online... his last restart was al 1.3.

    I must confess that i dont understand very well java... i use this command to init the server but i dont know if it is correct...

    Sv Premium (20 users): java -server -Xms2048M -Xmx4056M -jar spigot.jar
    Sv No premium (50-60 users): java -server -Xms4056M -Xmx8112M -jar craftbukkit.jar

    I know what is every variable but i dont understand it very well... Xmx is de max memory but xms? minimum?.
    I dont know because the no premium server crashes with spigot.

    Really my no premum server reaches his maximum max players... but i cant add more slots if i dont solve the lag problem.
    Curiously most of the vips are no premium (online mode false)
    (On 2 weeks i will execute a totally reset and mount the new server)
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    You do not need the next tier with OVH for your amount of players.
    The i5 is perfectly fine to hold 100 players, and more. I had that box for a bit and it worked great, I did have 2 of my servers split as I did not wan't Creative & Survival in the same server so I used Bungeecord.

    Do not worry about assigning cores, let Linux & Java handle that.
    The startup script is fine, but you should change both to Spigot and you can remove "-server" as well.

    Don't listen to Joe about ram, as he is using 29gb for 1 of his servers.
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    Shelmak Why not just go for a creative world? So much less hassle...
  10. Re SSD, I've been using bcache (, with pretty good performance benchmarks, though I don't have anywhere near 100 players. In theory it should be the best of both worlds; frequently-accessed data gets moved to SSD over time, and less-used data stays on rotary storage. You can do write caching on the SSD, which periodically flushes to slow storage in large sequential batches.
  11. Ok. I will mount a unique server, in case of need i can separate worlds and run 2 servers with bungeecord.

    But your responses are confussing me, Joe say that 1 unique server is better than 2 servers or 3 and is the best way to avoid lag, but LilChris had 2 servers toguether on the same machine.

    I only like to host the maximum users without lag or tps drops. I know that my machine can handle more than 80 players but i dont know what is the best config...

    All responses are very usseful to me but i cant avoid still getting confused. Sorry.

    Can anyone recommend me a xms and xmx to assign to my server(Max ram 16GB)? The server is online since 1 year and then i like to re-start with a good config.
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