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  1. Hi Guys.

    As you can see, relatively new here, but I've got tired of paying over the odds for a 2.5gig server sooo, I've decided to make a move.

    I've been looking around, and I would certainly appreciate your thoughts on what I plan to run, and whether the server is good enough as well as the pricing. As far as I can tell, they are pretty decent for someone who's restrained on budget right now.

    My plan initially is to put together the following:

    1) Entry Hub with Game Offerings

    2) Games:
    Survival - eConomy/ChestShop
    Survival - PVP
    Ultra Hardcore
    PVP Arena
    Creative - Plotme World, 81x81 plots

    and eventually...


    The server is presently set at 40 players on 2.5gig - half decent box. It runs *ok* but obviously with the want to expand games then we need more POWWWEEERRRR!

    3) Pluggins

    It seems we are presently running circa 70 pluggins all in. It seems heavy and would like your thoughts if there are easier ways to manage them. We will be linking the games/worlds/portals with ultiVerse right now. We are looking into other options, so your advice would be welcome.

    4) Server Option Considered

    At present, I'm very seriously considering the Kimsufi 16gig from OVH. It's a VERY decent price and gives us a very significant boost compared to what we have now. Granted it's only on a 100mbs line, but until we are setup and running and can get a donation stream going, it's seems a good option *shrugs*


    I would very much appreciate your views on this. It's a big step and I think it's an important one to make as we really want to have a crack at running a proper community environment. Comments about the cost, setup, advice, links, the works really :)

    Finally, as I've commented on this previously, the Staff. We have 6 staff members which gives us an average age of 25, so we're good to go there - I've noticed on some of the big ones like Gontroller/Shotbow, you rarely see admins communicating/talking with the community? Is there a reason for that or am I just around at the wrong times?

    Look forward to your help guys.

    Matt / Pez
  2. OVH, interesting because we were talking about it. I would check bandwidth limits, I believe it's 15TB. For your budget, OVH is legendary. I actually use it for all my things. I recommend it.
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  3. Really Mad? Would it be possible to see your server?
  4. I don't run a permanent server. I use it for webservers, Jenkins and such but occasionally open a server. PHUK uses it all the time, makers of MCMA. He spends over 200 pounds for many servers.
  5. I could see it spiral into that kind of cost once the playerbase grows.

    I see you're in the UK as well :) What happened to ME - seems like you have problems and closed it down?
  6. Oh you played on ME, yeah, I'm not sure what happened though. Hired at various places and doing various things.
  7. I'd very much appreciate it if anyone else could give me some feedback. We are looking to make the order this Friday.

    Many thanks
  8. joehot200


    I own a public server ( and have had no problems, the uptime has been absolutley 100%, their support has always been helpful (even if it is a bit slow) and if you choose the right DataCentre you can basically get free DDoS protection.

    So yea, i would recommend them, ill also say that is probably the best for the price.
  9. Yeah, saw that Joe. I think the answer would be move once we have an established base to work off.

    Right now the numbers are relatively low...and even though I see the value, I can;t justify the outlay right now :(

    Any other advice you could offer someone venturing out into this market?
  10. Don't expect to get popular. Many try and many fail. Some are crap and get popular, some are amazing and stay on low counts.
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  11. That's cool.

    The way we figured it, give ourselves 3 mths, rent the server and try our damdest. We already have $30 of donations and we are looking at reward structures at present. The 4 owners involved have allowed for it to fail dismally and be 3 mths of experience *shrugs*....seems the best way to approach it. If we break even, then we've done pretty well...if we actually make money, be honest, I'd be VERY happy :)

    Can anyone shed some light on that and good plugins to use for it? I've seen the reward structure for Shotbow and have to say it's pretty comprehensive...couple of things I like, others I think are confusing.....
  12. I do have one suggestion, don't call it MineZ. There are chances you could run into some legal issues if you do. ;)
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  14. *laughing*

    Well, obviously Joe :D I was thinking more the pluggins that allow you to allocate XP and store player data, etc...
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    Just give em a permission and then make em do some stuff.

    Give me a few mins and ill lob ya some code in a PM.
  16. Thanks for that Joe. Sent multiple responses :)