Questions on Chunk getX() and getZ()

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  1. Hey! I'm sorta new to spigot, so I have a question on the getX() and getZ() functions of Chunk. It seems to only repeat the getChunkAt/Location coordinates that you provide. I feel like i'm missing something here... thanks!.
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    What do you expect it to do?
    Sometimes you might have just the chunk and want to know where it came from.
  3. Oh that makes sense then, I was hoping for a corner coordinate or something, I guess i'll have to figure out how to do that. Thanks for the response!
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    Chunks are 16 blocks wide, so just multiply x / z by 16
  5. Though if you want to get the corner block (from a location), it'd be faster to modulo:

    Code (Java):
    int xCorner = loc.getX() - (loc.getX() % 16)
  6. Oh I just made a method with a for loop that added x until it made a number divisible by 16, I guess you're method is way more effecient .-. thanks
  7. If you have chunk coords and you want block coords just do

    Code (Text):
    int blockX = chunkX << 4;
    int blockZ = chunkZ << 4;
    This will effectively give you the northwest block's world coordinate (minus the y/height coordinate).

    Just reverse the bitshift signs for the opposite (block coords to chunk coords).

    Code (Text):
    int chunkX = blockX >> 4;
    int chunkZ = blockZ >> 4;
    Bitshifting like this is arguably faster than multiplying/dividing by 16. Especially in a heavy/repeating setting.
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  8. You know for literally writing this an hour ago:
    Code (Java):
    long val = Long.reverse((((long) 0x48454c4c) << 8 | 0x4f) << 8 | 0b1010) >>> 0x40 - (8 * 6);
    while (val > 0) { System.out.print((char) (Long.reverse(val & 0xFF) >>> 0x38)); val >>>= 8; }
    You'd think I'd have suggested that too. Billy's idea is better here.