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  1. Hello all, me and two friends are working on a server but are wondering some things about paypal before we launch later. Buycraft will be used.

    1. Is a "Paypal Business" account the way to go for Minecraft server donations?
    2. Do we need to somewhere officially register our server name as a business or something?

    What tips/info can you help us on how to get started. Much apreciated.

  2. I recommend using PayPal, it's more efficient and secure than most programs like it. You do not have to "officially register" you servers name as a Legally Licensed Company, as it is just a Minecraft Server, and I assume that it's allowed because it runs through Minecraft/Mojang, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, speaking of legal actions, you are able to copyright a Server Name, which Mineplex has done and I think Hypixel as well.

    So basically, no you do not need to register your server as a business, and PayPal is the right way to go, in my opinion.
    Hope this helped.
  3. Setting up a business accounts just help with chargebacks, I think in my opinion since you represent something bigger then a person
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  4. I thought Friends And Family are a way to prevent charge backs? And, on a business account you can't really prevent it? I can be wrong tho..
  5. How?!?
  6. When someone pays for a ranks on you server trought mc market or buycraft you not getting paid as friends and family.

    If someone pays you with friends and family its alot harder to chrageback for them. Pretty sure they need to call they card provider or some shit.
  7. No and no.
  8. Tux



    If this is a hobby of some kind, you probably can live with a regular PayPal account and not register your server as a business. However, if you are planning on a serious venture, you want to get a Business account and register as a business.
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    This is the best answer.

    Unless you plan on doing major advertising and are investing a large amount of money into the start of your server, you are fine to just start with a regular Paypal account. If you grow overtime and start getting larger amounts per month ($1-2k+ a month) then it may be better to register your paypal account as a business, but this doesn't require actually having a registered business. And if you start making more than $5k+ a month every month, then you will want to buckle down, start an actual business and get registered, and talk to a tax specialist to make sure you covered. Trust me on that last part :p
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  10. If you mean how to legalize your Minecraft server, then there are plenty of websites where you can do it at home, I recommend LegalZoom. Also, register it as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). But there's no need to if you're barely making a profit.
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