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  1. Hey, I had a bunch of question. Sorry for the trouble.

    I know spigot has updated essentials but why did the official essentials developers stop doing official updates for it.

    Is essentials group manager going to get updated ?

    Bukkit? Why doesn't it just shut down, everything is slowly dying over there ?
  2. Tux


    Essentials developers stopped because of the DMCA. EssentialsX has some extra features you can check out.

    GroupManager is likely not going to get any updates. Switch to zPermissions, it's better overall anyway. is being kept on life support by Curse.
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  3. Thanks.
  4. Is zpermissions better than pex?
    Pex seems to of updated in April to 1.8
  5. This is sad, but so true.

    I think it's up to personal preferences.
    I personally am used to pex and have used it for all my servers.
  6. To be h0nest, i like spigot much better than bukkit. I love the website, forums are much better and like the way the plugins are. E.G Paid resources.
  7. I have to agree. The only reason that I was active as long as I was on Bukkit was because I was a BukkitDev Staff back in the day before the new Curse World Order.
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  8. zPerms is way better if you're dealing with a lot of players or just a lot of players joining at once.