Spigot Quests [1.8-1.17] | Set up goals for players 3.6.2

Allow your players to do quests in return for rewards

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    Quests - Allow your players to do quests

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  2. Can u make it so the quest does specific blocks or specific mobs?
  3. Ok, sure
  4. Can you add a ability to change which slot the quest icons are in?
  5. Sorry, but i have quests on my server but i can't found it in my config.yml ...
  6. home > plugins > Quests> config.yml
  7. Can you add citizens support? Or a command to run via console?
  8. Can you explain in further detail?
  9. When I click on a NPC (created with Citizen), GUI will Open.
  10. Go create checkinv item?
  11. Please add pages and/or cooldowns!
  12. Ok
  13. I am not kidding, if you do this you're better then paid plugins!
  14. I've had this planned for a while, just was caught up with other plugins.
  15. I was actually looking for a quest plugin that unlocks quests when completing quests, that's this! But then I saw there were no cooldowns and I was like ... Frick. But because your fast respond I have hope again lol
  16. I would've responded earlier, but I was away from home.