Spigot Quests [1.8-1.19] | Set up goals for players 3.12

Allow your players to do quests in return for rewards

  1. in the config file the item for a "locked quest" is a red stained glass, and other ones are glass too, but in game mine are all stone for the locked quests.
    any idea why?
    edit: some of them say "STAINED_GLASS_PANE:14", whiles others are "RED_STAINED_GLASS_PANE" but i cant changed it to see because the plugin fails and doesnt load properly as the "config is not in tact"

    nvm i fixed it
    ty for you help :)
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  2. LMBishop updated Quests [1.8-1.17] | Set up goals for players with a new update entry:

    Quest items / item importing, limit groups, playtime afk, bug fixes

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  3. does anyone wants to share a premade quest list? would be great :c
  4. LMBishop updated Quests [1.8-1.17] | Set up goals for players with a new update entry:

    New task types, new quest item types, bug fixes

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  5. is it possible to make all the quests running at same time, like advancements? People just play and the quests will keep ending, without enabling them first?
  6. theres an option for auto start and i guess you can set the limit to like 100000 to make them all go at once
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  7. Hello,
    Can you tell me if it is possible to put a precise number of an item (in the GUI of the quests)?
    name: "example"
    type: "wool"
    data: 5
    And also to put a number of item?
    name: "example"
    type: "wool"
    amount: 2
    If this is possible can you tell me how to please?
  8. the "amount: 2" is the exact number of items.
    replace 2 with something else.
  9. 作者您好,这个插件非常完美。
    请问可以搬运到 我的世界中文论坛(www.mcbbs.net) 吗?

    Hello, the plug-in is perfect.
    Can I move it to my world Chinese Forum (www.mcbbs.net)?
    I will translate all the files of this plug-in and provide you with a Chinese language.
    It would be great if I could get your permission! thank you!
  10. In the next update, is it possible to add a quest where you have to enchant 1 item in particular?
  11. How can i customize /quests GUI?
  12. hello, first time user of this plugin, and so far loving it! I had one questions however. Does this plugin work with Citizens or mcMMO?

    Thanks in advance!
  13. when is the daily quests coming?
  14. Hello, I have a question: is it mandatory to place
    ( reverse-if-broken: true
    check-coreprotect: true
    check-coreprotect-time: 3600 )
    at each task or 1 is enough for all tasks in the queste?
  15. Is there any way to complete a quest by joining a town (any town from the Towny plugin)? If not, is it possible for this to become a quest type?
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