Spigot Quests 4.1.1

An extensive questing system

  1. is it possible to have an option where you cant do a quest if you completed a different quest? for example mutually exclusive good/bad quests
  2. Hello everyone tried to make a quest were you need to deliver 60 beef and 60 chicken to a NPC. However when I try to press done (option 5) I get the error: "all required lists must have the same number of entries" I don't quite understand what it means does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or is it a bug? See the image below for what I'm trying to setup

  3. Quests does not assume that you will be delivering all items to the same NPC. If you want to deliver all items to the same NPC in the above example, you would enter 32 32 instead of just 32.
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    Just stopping in to say that yesterday's update is about the most epic thing I've ever seen :ROFLMAO:
  6. Does anyone have any pre-configured quests? I'm a one-man army trying to build out a server and I'd love to be able to add a ton of quests if someone has anything pre-built.
  7. You don't have to be a one-man army. Get some friends that you trust and teach them how to use the quest editor. :) Not only will you have a lot of fun building out the server with them, the quest-making will go a little bit faster too.
  8. Hi there, for some reason the multiplayer option does not work at all, I have tried using the parties plugin, all the latest versions, the progress sharing or quest completion does not seem to working. There are no errors on console either. What do I do?
  9. is there a way to give someone a reward at the end of a stage?
  10. BenRulez, that's something you would use an Action for. Make sure to hop into the Actions editor before you start making a quest and make actions for any items you would like to reward the player with, experience amounts you would like to give, and so on. Then, in the particular Stage, choose Actions and add the action you want as a Finish Action.
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    Inaudible Update

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  12. Where can i find placeholders?
  13. It seems we can only put one line of lore in the gui display. We used to be able to put multiple lines of lore. Now we only have one short liner to list all the quest objectives and the rewards and the cooldown time :(
  14. [09:50:02 ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerMoveEvent to Quests v3.9.2-b94java.lang.NullPointerException: null
    [09:50:04 ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to Quests v3.9.2-b94java.lang.NullPointerException: null
    can somebody help me?
  15. Hi, Can you add JobsReborn Expérience ? Thx for your great jobs ^^
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    Jargon Update

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  17. Trying to use this plugin on my 1.12 server, and all it does is says "Plugin is currently loading. Please try again later!"
  18. Très bon plugin, rien à redire / Very good plugin!
  19. As the question being ignored on Discord..
    is it possible to use OR for deliverItem like "1x itemA or 1x itemB" instead "1x itemA and 1x itemB" ?
    So a player can deliver any combination of itemA and itemB as long as there are 2 items in the end.
    For example of valid delivery: (salmon being itemA and Cod being itemB)
    1x salmon and 1x Cod
    2x salmon
    2x Cod