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  1. Hey, I am looking for a simple queue plugin all it needs to do is. generate a queue. a command is run to add the player to the queue. when a player reaches the end of the queue whatever command is run for the player (Via console) upon the completion of the command the player is ejected from the queue. the next player in line is then moved up. it is preferable if a command is used to advance the players in the queue.
    Bonus points
    if multiple queues can be created at once
    if commands can be run when a player enters the queue
    can send the position of the player in the queue via a command

    if anyone can find/ code any such plugin. I would love you forever
    p.s I have googled multiple queue plugins none of them do this. I am hoping I missed something
    Thanks in advance
  2. Praya


    I don't understand what do you mean
  3. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ezqueue-multi-lobby-bungee-server-priority-queue-20-sale.24061/
    Only public one I know of. Also this is the wrong section.
  4. its fairly simple think of a queue as a line. I would like a plugin that makes players get in line. when a player enters a line a custom console command is run for them. when a player reaches the end of the line a custom console command is run for them. They are then removed from the line. in order for the players to be able to move up the line. a command has to be run.
    thanks, i'll take a look and I am sorry for the wrong section thing.