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Simple channel system for friends to talk with each other in groups [1.7.10+]

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    Quick Channels - Simple channel system for friends to talk with each other in groups [1.7.10+]

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    Formatting code permissions & link-requires-permission option

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  4. Thank you so much, @Trophonix for your amazing work! The plugin works, is very customizable (even the help part) and also really easy to use.
    Here are my suggestions, sorted by importance:
    1. It would be great to have a choice of enabling the default chat behavior in the config - to have an option of selecting between the two modes:
      • default: chat input without the prefix (!) sends the message to the public chat, and using the prefix (!) sends the message to the channel;
      • reverse: chat input without the prefix sends the message to the channel, while using the prefix posts it in the public chat - this would allow separated groups of people to communicate easier.
    2. It would also be very helpful to see who's already in the channel when a player joins. You know, a player types /ch channelname and the plugin gives him the list of people that are already in channelname. It would ensure zero confusion, if one knows who can read their messages. Or maybe add a comand /ch list to get the list of channel members? Or maybe both, I'll leave that up to you :)
    3. I noticed there is no console output for messages sent to the channel. I'm not a nosey admin, I just thought it might be included.
    4. This last one is just nitpicking, really, not even sure if it's possible - when typing only the prefix in chat, without any leading text, or just whitespaces, the plugin would not register it as a command, but only as a text message.
    But still, whipping up this plugin in such a short time is something I wouldn't even dream of, I'm really glad you took the challenge, and I'm definitely using it, even if you don't accept my suggestions :)

    EDIT: One more thing I just noticed, when a player disconnects and connects back again, they are still in the channel. It would be best if either the player was removed from the channel on disconneting, or the channel members would be notified he's a member when he connects.
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  5. Hi, do you have any plans on continuing development, or is this now abandoned?
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  6. Wow, I'd never have thought this would ever get an update! Are you just updating all of your plugins to support 1.14, or do you have plans to do some more work on QC? Two years ago I had some suggestions, which would make this plugin a very desirable communication system.
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  7. I was going through picking out my old plugins that I liked enough to pick up support for again. Quick Channels was one of those. So if you have suggestions please let me know, I will work on them! :)

    edit: Oh derp, I just noticed your suggestions above. I'll check them out. So sorry for not noticing your post to begin with x_x
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  8. That's ok and completely understandable, my server is still going and we'd still welcome QC with all the functionality I mentioned two years ago. Better late than never :D

    Thanks so much in advance for any work you will do.

    Another addition I came up with just yesterday would be the ability (with the correct permission node) to force-add a player to a channel. This would be handy when a staff member needs to talk to a few people at once privately - I would simply force-add them to a channel and message what I need to say. It came up when I was dealing with a couple of cheaters to which I needed to explain some stuff and using simple /msg was kind of a pain.
  9. Oh that is a good idea! I have already added your first suggestion and working on #2.

    I also thought of one of my own: I can make it so each of the config messages can either be a list or a single line so you can make it however long you want etc.
  10. Dude, that sounds perfect, I'm so pumped for it :)
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    Many new features

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  12. I still have my old config from 2 years ago on the server, let's see if it's compatible :)
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  13. Ok, after doing some testing, I have the following results - there is one bug, which affects one usage option, but what you did today is absolutely amazing, it's got everything I ever wanted from this system :)

    Now to the bug: when prefix-sends-to-channel is set to false, players in a channel are unable to send messages to the public chat, the prefix stays unused - it doesn't matter what you type, your message stays in the channel. Moreover, the first character of your message is cut off, so there must be something happening, it's just not taken as the prefix.

    I'm still deciding which setting for prefix-sends-to-channel would fit my server more, for now I'll stick with true, and we're absolutely loving it!
  14. Oh, thank you, I will fix the bug! :)

    Let me know if there are any other features you think of. I'm going to add the force add feature. Also let me know about any plugin ideas that you'd like to use on your server and I'll make them for free if I like them and post them on spigot for others to use!
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    Bugfixes, force move players into/out of channels

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  16. Wow, ok, I'll try to test it first thing tomorrow, thank you so much for your work, and once again, I'm speechless when it comes to the level of service here, seriously :D
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  17. Hi, so after testing it with another player, I have the following results:
    • when prefix-sends-to-channel is set to false, we are able to talk in the channel by default and using the prefix in the public chat, so that's fixed!
    • however, when a player is not in a channel and they send a message that has the prefix as the first character, this character is truncated. It would be better if players that are not in channels were not affected in any way.
    I'll have to get back to you later with the force functionality, but overall, this plugin is like a dream long gone, thanks so much!
  18. Yeah you're right, I will change that!