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    Anyone know how many characters are in a MOTD message (the max) so when you set it, what is the max amount of characters there can be?

  2. then, you shouldn't of commented on this thread.
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    I don't think the server has a limit, but I'm not sure how the client handles it

    Edit: It depends on which characters you use, just like signs and chat.
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  4. Some info: the motd is a string
    This is the message that is displayed in the server list of the client, below the name.
    • The MOTD does support color and formatting codes.
    • The MOTD supports special characters, such as "♥". However, such characters must be converted to escaped Unicode form. An online converter can be found here
    • If the MOTD is over 59 characters, the server list will likely report a communication error.
    As stated above, MOTD limit is client side and if you use a 1.8/1.7 server and go on like 1.2 the motd will intact not be on two lines rather than a huge spacing and it on one line that keeps going over to the right.
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    Thanks for telling me this... I assumed that.

    Thanks! This helped a lot. :)
  6. I think it also depends on the fonts used by the texture pack. So you can't be sure any particular string will be displayed on one line.
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  7. saphiria


    That brought up a good point. I never thought about that. I just want to know how MinePlex centers theirs perfectly.
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