[Quick Question] Server limit regarding CPU and Ram

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  1. How many servers or "Instances" of servers do you think I could run on a Intel® Xeon® E3-1240v2 Processor (3.4GHz, 4C/8T, 8M Cache, 69W, Turbo) with 8gbs of ram? I would probably upgrade to 32gbs. Would anyone else know how much power this would cousume? Since I was thinking of collocating it and amps are expensive?

    Many thanks
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    4 servers. You could add more, however it would not increase your player slots/count.

  3. I was thinking of having a "Hub" with several game modes, If I was to have 20 people per game mode, could I have more servers?
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    Yes, you could, however if your server started lagging, you couldn't just make another server (if you already had 4) and expect a performance increase.

    Also more servers = more RAM usage.
  5. By 4 servers, do you mean for the 8gbs or the 32gbs?
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    I mean having 4 servers running.

  7. No, I mean by 4 servers running on the dedicated server, do you mean only 8bgs of ram can run 4 servers or do you mean 32gbs can only run 4 servers?
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    It uses more ram. Obviously, more is better. I would recommend 16Gb+ of RAM on your hosting machine for more than 4 servers, however you could manage it with 8.

  9. So roughly 8 (small) servers with 8gbs then?
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    1Gb of RAM per server isnt really recommended, but it could work.
  11. You should give your os 2gb's of ram at least for itself and other programs.
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    Oops, forgot to mention that :p

  13. Well I was considering purchasing a dell poweredge r210 ii with 4gbs and they buy some second hand 32gbs sticks