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  1. IS there a way to loop through each item not Material, ITEM with the Spigot API?

    I tried looping through Items but there doesn't seem to be a values method, I thought all Enum's have values() method?
  2. So basically you wanna know all the existing Material and maybe add that to a list?

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  3. Well some Material is STONE with the Durability of 1-5 like the Granite, Diorite, Coarsed Dirt
  4. ItemStack iS = new ItemStack(Material.STONE);
    iS.setDurability(3); //there You have granite? Or?

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  5. I know how to do that, I am simply trying to print the names of every item so I can make put them into my config.
  6. Would not calling getType().toString() return your wanted value?

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  7. getType.toString() returns the Material name so it would return STONE, in my case.
  8. Hmm, yeah.

    Well would it be so hard with the config? Just use ID's?

    item: '3:4'

    String s = YamlConfiguration#getString("item");

    String[] split = s.split(":");
    ItemStack item = new ItemStack(Integer.parseInt(split[0]));

    There you have your item, but idk how to get the actual proper name of this item.

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  9. yeah the name is the issue, so I guess I am going to make a huge enum with all of the items, name, Material, durability, ect.

    Code (Text):

        STONE("Stone" , 0, Material.STONE),
        GRANITE("Granite", 1, Material.STONE),
        POLISHED_GRANITE("Polished Granite", 2,Material.STONE),
        DIORITE("Diorite", 3, Material.STONE),
        POLISHED_DIORITE("Polished Diorite", 4, Material.STONE),
        ANDESITE("Andesite", 5, Material.STONE),
        POLISHED_ANDESITE("Polished Andesite", 6, Material.STONE),
        GRASS("Grass", 0, Material.GRASS),
        DIRT("Dirt", 0, Material.DIRT),
        COARSE_DIRT("Coarse Dirt", 1, Material.DIRT),
        PODZOL("Podzol", 2, Material.DIRT),
        COBBLESTONE("Cobblestone", 0, Material.COBBLESTONE),

    Then make the config names = the name in the enum and grab the information from the enum to build the item properly.
  10. I'd use the Vault item API.

    Iterate over Items#getItemList() for saving the names to your config and get the info from config with Items#itemByName(String).
  11. I'm almost 100% sure there is another way, I just can't think of it. Got damn. I'm looking into it

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  12. Didn't even know this object existed in the API. See ^_^

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  13. Does vault update their Items#getItemList per version? I am using an older version of Spigot so I would need to just find the according Vault, correct?

    ref: 1.8.8 spigot
  14. Correct. And having the newest version wouldn't hurt I think

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  15. They used to until 1.8.x (Vault 1.5.6).