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  1. is it possible to make players able to open both sides of a largechest ? / With phatloots make this happen? if so how would i code / do it. {can it be made in skript} etc.
  2. Can you give a little more info. Like what do you mean by "both sides of a large chest" ... last time i checked you could open a chest from any side of it
  3. Yes but i want you to be able to open 2 different chests in one dub chest like on gtamc
  4. sorry but I have no clue what this means "one dub chest like on gtamc"
  5. Search “gtamc looting spots” a old video like a 2-3 year ago one and you will see you could open both sides of a dub chest how do I do that?

    Link: go to time 1:50 how to make them able to open both sides and get different stuff phatloots or make a skript that makes both sides of a chest different or something?
  6. If I understand what you want correctly, yes thats possible, but difficult. And I doubt itd be possible in skript.
    Youd have to take half of the contents (pick a half based on whether they clicked on the north/south/east/west half of the double chest), put them in a 3 row custom inventory and display that to them, opening the same one for everyone, and if something changes/gets closed, save the contents back to the original chest (so it works with that other plugin again).

    So yeah, possible but kinda difficult and prone to glitches/duping if youd ask me. Would probs be easier to write your own chest loot system entirely to skip all the "get contents and save contents from/to chest" bs.
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