Quickest way to transfer files - VPS > KimSufi

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  1. Hey,

    I'm wanting to move from my tiny OVH Classic VPS to a KimSufi dedicated server. It's mainly so I have a bit more ram to muck around with and more storage.

    I seriously doubt OVH will assist transferring the server from one brand to the other.

    What do you guys find easiest to transfer an entire server over?

    - Red
  2. Compress into a TAR.GZ, then download that zip, upload it to the dedi, then uncompress.
    Thats what I do.
  3. I wish OVH had a button which allows you to transfer everything from one server to another :(
  4. Try rsync. Pretty easy
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  5. As above, use rsync, it's very simple to use. Either that, or FTP the files between each server.
  6. rsync -za source destination
    Would be the easiest. I'd recommend tar'ing the folder you want transferred, pipe it to gzip, pipe that to ssh which pipes the gzip'ed data to a decompressor.
  7. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) get file zilla is what i use and i just drag the files onto the dedi, i believe this is the fastest way.
  8. Pls use sftp and not ftp
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    That, or scp. Whichever floats your boat.

    Why pipe it when you can just tar -zcvf it? ;)
  10. But this removes a middle-man! Here's what I mean:
    Code (Text):
    tar cf - <dir> | ssh -C [email protected] "cd /output; tar xvf -"
    (no gzip as ssh's -C[ompression] flag is more efficient for this scenario)
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  11. GeorgeHousley123


    tar -cvzf NAME.tar.gz /home

    scp NAME.tar.gz [email protected]:/root

    tar -zxvf NAME.tar.gz