Spigot QuickMeta 1.1.1

A plugin created to allow Cycling through special meta/biome textures included in resource packs.

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    QuickMeta - A plugin created to allow Cycling through Block MetaData and changing of a blocks biome.

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  2. Good way to start ;)
  3. This feels like basically a copy of [Redacted] with less features.

    Edit: Sorry about that, I didn't see that you had posted on bukkit dev. I saw this posted here after I saw the video made. I didn't realize what was going on. Please take my apology.
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  4. Check our bukkit dev page. That guy copied our plugin! He released his a day after ours!!! Ironic? No...

    He then threatened us in PM and started commenting on our page to our users asking them to switch.

    Please remove the link. Thank you.
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  6. He didn't have me come here. I just happened to see it.
  7. All is forgiven ;) Forgive us if we seemed angry.

    It's just that the guy has been assaulting us, and apparently owns a large server, and has threatened us multiple times.
  8. Testing new version today!

    We have added the following things:

    - Block Blacklist(Which by default blocks all crash blocks).
    - Biome copy and paste.
    - Show block ID and Meta on meta tool.
    - Living Entity/Mob tool.
    - Added Paintings to Meta Tool.

    If you have anymore suggestions leave a reply :)
  9. Would be nice if there was a tool that would rotate a selected block in the direction you look and click. This would be good or example piston heads, wood types, etc.
  10. We are going to hopefully submit the other build tonight, and then we can begin work on requests :)

    Not sure how hard that would be, but I will DEFINITELY mention it to qwerty, but gonna let him finish the testing of this build first ;) I don't want to overwork him(I have the easier job of just managing the pages).
  11. Wood turning, piston heads, etc. are actually considered different meta data values and therefore are covered by the MetaTool. Just cycle through with that and it should work!
  12. I know that will work, just thought it would be cool to be able to choose the direction for the blocks that support it.
  13. Have you thought of Open Source?
  14. Please refer to @Qwertyness xD
  15. I am going to post the code on GitHub as soon as we get QuickMeta v1.1 out and working.
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    Bodacious Bug Beating Update

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  17. Not working well with 1.8, but I didn't really expect it to. Still one of my favorite plugins while my server was 1.7.